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Even if you don’t normally wear a foundation, it is important to wear one for your wedding day. Your skin will look smoother and your make‐up will last hours longer.


Which formula

Make sure you select a formula that matches the type of skin you have.

  • If you have an oily skin use an oil free formula.
  • If you have a normal or dry skin you can also use an oil free formula, just apply a moisturiser or primer directly before you start applying your foundation. A moisture or hydrating foundation is also suitable for a dry skin. Cream to powder foundations are great for dry skins as well.

Liquid foundations look the most natural on the skin and are applied using a foundation brush.

Which colour

My suggestion would be to visit a professional cosmetic brand and ask their artist to match up a few different colours. Take samples of each colour home and test them in natural day light. Once you think you have found one that is the right shade, apply it all over your face.

Be sure to:

  • Wear the foundation formula that is the correct colour all day on your skin. This way you can see if it changes colour during the course of the day or if your skin has a reaction.
  • Avoid pink toned foundations, concealers and powders and aim for yellow toned products – they look more natural on the skin.
  • For fair skin shades should not be to light or to pink.
  • On cappuccino skin tones avoid shades that are to orange or pink.
  • For dark skins also steer away from orange shades ‐ if the shade looks dull or grey on your skin, it is to light.

Hot Tip

If you have booked a professional make‐up artist to apply your make‐up, make sure you are happy with the way your foundation feels on your skin at your make‐up trial. Leave the foundation on for a few hours to monitor how well it lasts and if you have any reaction to the formula. If you are not going to book a make‐up trial, consider asking your make‐up artist to use your own foundation on the day of your wedding (I would only recommend this if you are going to use a professional foundation formula, which you have tested on your skin before your wedding day).

Have you ever noticed a brides face looking to pale in her wedding photos?

Here are the reasons why this affect occurs:

  • The camera flash can create this effect.
  • Her foundation may have been to light or too pink for her skin (or both).
  • Many brides tan their body before their wedding and not their face, creating a huge contrast in colour between the face and chest area. If you are going to tan you body and not your face make sure you apply a foundation that is darker than the colour of your face and blend very well. This way the colour of your skin on your face will now match your tanned shoulders and neck area, creating a flow of colour from your face down towards your chest and shoulder area.
  • If you are going to have a spray tan recheck your foundation is not to light after your tan.

Hot Tip

If you are not sure which brand of make‐up is professional (and cruelty free) visit my make‐up blog ‐ where I provide a list of professional make‐up brands: http://make‐

Careful planning will be worth it – your photos last a life time.

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To read more information on applying your bridal make‐up look, visit my make‐up website you will find detailed notes and images on wedding make‐up.

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