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Expert Tips for Wedding Makeup Frequently Asked Questions

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Bride Applying MakeupImage from Vicky & Stuart’s real wedding


What touch-up products will I need to carry with me on my wedding day?

Make sure your bridesmaids carry a small handbag with the following items included: eyeliner, lipstick/gloss/lip liner, concealer and powder. The rest of your make-up should stay on ‐- if you have applied professional products and used them correctly.

Bride Surrounded by MakeupAbove: Lucy and Adam’s Real Wedding

Do my shades/colours of my make‐up have to match my wedding theme colours?

You don’t have to match your make‐up to the colour scheme of your wedding.

Any other suggestions of what I should be carrying?

Breath mints, tissues, deodorant, hand cream, small hand mirror and a few extra hair grips and clips.


What can I do if I start to cry during the ceremony, won’t my make‐up come off?

If you cry you will need to touch up your make‐up after the ceremony – especially the concealer and powder under your eyes and your eye liner. Wear waterproof mascara. Tissues rolled up behind your bouquet will be helpful in protecting your make‐up, should you become tearful you will have tissues on hand to catch the tears.

At what stage in my preparations should my make‐up be applied?

Your make-up will be applied after you have had your hair done, you will need to eat and brush your teeth. Then you will do your make-up and get dressed thereafter.

Rochelle O'Brien Make up artistAbove: Rochelle O’Brien make up artist

How can I get my make-up to last for the full day?

As a make-up artist I have found brides want to know the secret behind creating a lasting look for their wedding day, especially when it come to eye make-up. Few brides however realise that it is in fact the concealer that is the key to a lasting finish.

Concealer is one of the most important make-up products, it is used to conceal dark circles under the eyes as well as blemishes, sunspots, areas of pigmentation, red cheeks, chin and nose. It is also designed to create a base for your eye shadow. Eye shadow is not designed to be applied onto skin, it simply will not blend or last. Conceal over the eyelids, through the crease of the eyes and on the dark circles under the eyes. Follow this step with powder to set the concealer for a lasting finish.

If you use a concealer and powder over the eyes, you will achieve a much fresher more youthful appearance and create a base for your eye shadow to adhere to. As we age the skin around our eyes becomes pigmented and tired, either turning pinky/red on a light skin or on a darker skins the eye area becomes even darker. Concealer knocks out the discoloration around the eye area and the eyes look more awake and younger.

Wedding Make up by Make Up by Detoxity and Rosie Scott make up and hairAbove, left to right: Make up by Make Up by Detoxity | Rosie Scott Make up and Hair

I don’t normally wear make-up – only mascara and lipstick, is it necessary for me to wear more than this?

To achieve a professional finish on the skin you need to apply each stage of the application. Remember you will also be looking groomed and quite glam, a make-up free face won’t match this look.

Should my bridesmaids’ make‐up match mine?

Make sure that your choice of make-up shades is a little different, it is your special day and you should be unique.

Make Up by Detoxity and Rosie Scott make up and hair

Above, top to bottom: Make Up by Detoxity | Rosie Scott make up and hair

Anything make-up wise I should check before my head and shoulder photos are taken?

Check there is no lipstick on your teeth, that your eyebrows are brushed into shape and your face is not to shiny. If it is ‐ powder lightly to reduce the shine.

Why do some brides’ faces look white in their wedding photos?

This affect occurs because:

• The camera flash sometimes creates this effect
• The foundation may have been to light or too pink for her skin (or both)
• Many brides tan their body before their wedding and not their face, creating a huge contrast in colour between the face and chest area. If you are going to tan you body and not your face make sure you apply a foundation that is darker than the colour of your face and blend very well. This way the colour of your skin on your face will now match your tanned shoulders and neck area, creating a flow of colour from your face down towards your chest and shoulder area.
• If you are going to have a spray tan recheck your foundation is not to light after your tan.

To read more information on applying your bridal make‐up look, visit where you will find detailed notes and images on wedding make‐up. For those who would like a more personalised make‐up analysis, Debbie also offers a complete on‐line personalised make‐up guide, which includes:

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• colour chart and shopping guide
• subscribers also receive video clips on how to apply their new look

For DIY brides, this personalised make‐up service is all that you’ll need.

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