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Grooming the Groom For His Big Day

While love may be blind, your friends and family are not. You should start focusing on your grooming months before the wedding so that your wedding photos will reflect how handsome your partner sees you. Read along as we share tips for grooming the groom for his big day:

Dare to Give Your Hair Flare

I feel as though we should start off with the basics here, the hair on your head. Whether you have short hair or hair down to your bum, split ends will affect you and trust me when I say, nobody suits split ends. Split ends are a sign that your hair is unhealthy and dead. On the big day, you don’t want anything to look dead.


Ask your barber or stylist to give your split ends a trim and for longer hair, try split end menders to maintain your mane. Try any new styles in advance! Not every hair style works for every face, you don’t want to marry the one you love and have everyone thinking how ridiculous your hair is. If you use products or you are intending to on your wedding day, then practice with them way in the run up to the wedding. Make sure you get the perfect products for your type and style of hair to avoid a greasy, waxy mess on your wedding photos.

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Hair Shouldn’t Stay in the Nose

In regards to the rest of the face, if you have to ask yourself, “Should I have hair there?” the answer is probably no. Between the brows, in the nose and in the ears, these three locations should be completely hairless, no exceptions. This is not just a wedding tip, lads; this is a day-to-day tip. It’s easy to do too, so just don’t forget about it!

Impressed by Your Chest

As a man there are two main options regarding body hair, the first is to trim your chest, arms, legs and armpits, the second is to remove every hair from your body. Going completely body bold can only be pulled off by very few people, this tends to be people with an athletic body, but even then it doesn’t always work for them.

As with hair products, experiment with your body hair well before your wedding day so that you can impress your fiance with your body and not scare them with a hairy forest poking from under your arm pits. Not to be forgotten, your back hair should go the way of the nose hair: wax your back before your wedding! When you make love, you want their hands to move smoothly up and down your back, without their wedding ring getting caught in your back hair. Ouch!

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Down There Hair Care

Let’s get down to brass tacks. Your pubes are like grass in your garden. Ripping up all the grass in your garden might look strange and the same goes for pubes. On the other hand, an overgrown garden with lots of long grass begins to look unsightly and as if you don’t care. The same goes for your pubes; there’s au naturale and then there’s a jungle. Opt for the natural look, if you must. Your scrotum and bum are like your patio. Weeds and grass are unwelcome on these areas and the same goes for your pubes. Pop down to any reputable waxing salon (get your partner to help you choose one, if you struggle to distinguish a top operation from a shambles) and order yourself a back, sack and crack. Whilst the idea may make you squeamish, putting in the effort for your big day will go a long way with your partner. You may find that you prefer having a tidy garden, after all!

Keep Your Feet Neat

Lots of men ignore their feet when they’re grooming. No matter how much you love Lord of the Rings, you are not a hobbit and hair on your toes and feet is always unsightly. Wax your toes, but make sure you don’t just wax your feet and go straight into leg hair, you should shave it to blend the lines. Don’t ignore the fact that your feet may have become leathery and easily develop verrucas. Moisturising your feet keeps them soft to the touch and aids in odour prevention.

Smooth Skin for the Win

On the subject of moisturising, your skin is incredibly important. Your birthday suit covers every inch of your body; there is no way you can look good if you neglect your skin! Not only do moisturisers refresh and fight dryness, they also improve the skin’s texture … no one wants to cuddle sandpaper!

Eye Bags are a Real Drag

Waiting for your wedding day is an extremely stressful and exciting time, so it is perfectly understandable for you to struggle to sleep, however it is not okay to have bags underneath your eyes. The bags can be combated by drinking drinks such as chamomile and herbal teas as these promote sleepiness, additionally chamomile tea can calm an upset stomach, helping to fight those nervous butterflies. However if you need to cover up bags, there is no shame in a man wearing a bit of makeup. A touch of concealer works magic; just ask any female you know and trust; she’ll be willing to show you the ropes, especially if you point out it’s to look your best on your wedding day!

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