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Q. What can I do about dandruff on my clothes?

A. Dandruff is an umbrella term used to describe any kind of scalp condition which leads to visible flaking. Real dandruff is caused by an increase in a natural yeast.


To find out if you have real dandruff try the following regime for a month. Wash your hair every day or every other day with a mild shampoo but not one specifically formulated for dandruff. If you shampoo every day use one application, if you go for every other day use two applications. Be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly, as poor rinsing can lead to flaking. If you want to use a conditioner apply it to the ends of your hair only. You may notice some flaking but this should soon settle down.

If, however, at the end of four weeks your condition doesn’t settle down, try using an anti‐dandruff shampoo at least twice a week on alternate shampoos.

Q. I’m thinking of dyeing my hair for my wedding, but want to practise with a few colours before I commit to one. How do I start?

A. There are plenty of products for you to practise with. Look out for colour‐enhancing shampoos ‐‐ usually the conditioner comes with a hint of colour. Or experiment with coloured styling mousses, which will last for a few washes on uncoloured hair. Plus there are many semi‐permanent dyes to practise with that come out in six to eight washes.

It’s also worth talking to a hairdresser for objective advice on changing your hair colour. Talk to someone who specialises as a colourist, rather than a hairdresser and permer who also happens to colour.

Q. What can I do about my frizzy, curly hair?

A. Don’t fight it ‐‐ find ways to enhance it instead. Work on finding products to manage any frizz, and don’t attempt to straighten it.

Q. I want to be a long‐haired bride, but my hair is short. What are my options?

A. For instant long locks women try hair extensions. These can be made of acrylic or real hair and can either be heat bonded to your hair to last for weeks or months before needing replacing, or else temporary clip‐in, clip‐out extensions. Extensions are also a great way of adding body to thin or fine hair.

Q. I’m going grey. How can I cover it up?

A. Colouring grey hair has come a long way from the narrow choices of raven‐black or white peroxide. Consult a professional colourist, who will be able to offer you more options. Also, consider how you wear grey hair. Simple shapes are much more youthful than permed and set styles.

Q. I have fairly long hair and can’t decide whether to wear it up or down on my wedding day? Help!

A. This is the question on every bride’s lips. The answer depends on the condition of your hair and whether you can cope with a high‐maintenance wedding day style.

Sexy, tousled hair worn over your shoulders can look fantastic but to carry this look off your hair must be healthy and shiny and you’ve got to be willing to maintain the “naturally” messy style throughout the day.

Alternatively, for fuss‐free hair, sweep it up and back elegantly for a glamorous look that lasts all day long.

Q. How can I make sure my hair really shines?

A. Get your hair in tip top condition for your special day by following these top three tips:

  • Look after yourself ‐‐ yes, this means eating well, sleeping well and exercising. Good health will radiate from every hair follicle.
  • Use a regular conditioner with nourishing oils after every shampoo to smooth down the hair cuticles and help each strand reflect light.
  • Treat your hair gently. When possible, leave it to dry naturally and give hot brushes and straighteners a rest as your big day approaches.

Q. I’m getting married on a beach in Mauritius and am terrified my hair will go frizzy with the sun. Any suggestions?

A. Hair frazzles in tropical heat due to the lack of moisture in the air, so make sure you moisturise your hair carefully with deep conditioning treatments in the run‐up, to keep you hair more supple.

There are lots of heat protecting and de‐frizzing products on the market, so it’s well worth packing a few in your suitcases. It’s probably best to opt for a simple “up” style on the day (you’ll feel cooler and your hair will be more manageable if it’s out of the way).

Q. My mum thinks I should grow out my short crop for my wedding day, but I love my look! How can I convince her that I’m right?

A. Absolutely. It’s a myth that brides should have long hair ‐‐ short styles look every inch as glam and can be accessorised with Alice bands, diamanté clips or even dotted with fresh flowers to add interest. The main thing is that you feel comfortable with your style ‐‐ if you feel happy, you’re guaranteed to look fantastic.

Q. I want to make my hair shinier. What can I do?

A. There are a host of products in chemists and pharmacies that can stimulate shine.

Or why not take a tip from your grandmother’s beauty handbooks and tip your head your head upside down and give your hair a good brush?

Q. Do you have any advice about how to match my make‐up to my hair colour?

A. As a starting point try:

  • Blonde ‐‐ use soft pinks, salmon or peach.
  • Brunette ‐‐ use light to medium colours such as rose, raisin, brown and mahogany.
  • Redhead ‐‐ use rich brown or brown‐red on your lips; apricot or muted pink blusher, brown mascara and camel shadows.
  • Dark brown/black ‐‐ use deep lip colours ‐‐ chocolate, blackberry, plums, burgundies and reds.

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