Vintage Bridal Hair Styles
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Vintage Style Bridal Hair

Period dresses are making a comeback and nothing is more glamorous then a 1920’s vintage look! Celebrity Hair Stylist Inanch Emir tells you how to get this must-have Vintage-style for your bridal hair.

Vintage Bridal Hair Styles


Bridal hair styles are definitely becoming more groomed and elegant. Those glamorous waves are back!  Good old fashioned pin curls are the easiest way to achieve these 1920s styles.

  • Apply Technipli Root spray on damp hair, then diffuse the hair to get as much volume as possible.
  • Once the hair is around 95% dry and depending on your hair texture, you would need to smooth out the top layers of your hair (especially if you have frizzy hair) using a brush.
  • The next step is to wrap sections of your hair around your index and middle finger.
  • Pull out your fingers and secure the hair in place with a pin curl clip
  • Once you have done this all over the head diffuse until the hair is dry and then let it cool down and brush out.
  • To add that healthy and glossy look, use a small amount of Phytolisse serum.
  • Finally, arrange your hair in to its natural waves that have formed from your pin curls.  Voila!!!

Now put that gorgeous dress on along with your gloves – maybe even the hair piece!

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