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Best Hairstyles for Guests at Weddings

You’ve been invited to a wedding and that’s the perfect excuse to have your hair done. Should you go for a special ‘up-do’, have it curled for the occasion, or get an amazing new cut? We’ve rounded up the latest trends on hairstyles for guests at weddings, with expert tips from Catherine Legg Hair and Makeup to inspire you.

Best hairstyles for guests at weddings |


We all know that rule number one is never upstage the bride, which shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re the Maid of Honour and you’ve just had your hair dip-dyed in rainbow colours…

Knowing our photo is going to be taken is usually enough to motivate us into having our hair done. And if you want to be sure your hairstyle will last all day and look incredible in the wedding photos then it’s worth having your hair styled by a professional. You might also want to look into pre-wedding hair treatments, but here’s Cat’s advice for styles:

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This Year’s Hair Trends

Soft, effortless hairstyles for guests at weddings are very much in vogue this season with this year’s makeup being all about the eyes. It’s a look that’s very much about dewy skin with natural lips, and the hair is a frame rather than a distraction or any kind of statement.

Before deciding on how to have your hair styled, consider the weather and the time of year of the wedding. If your hair is fine and you want it down, then how your hair is set should be the most important aspect. If it’s a breezy day, make sure your hair is either set or consider taming with a fascinator or decorative hair accessory. You don’t want to be the guest with hair all over her face in those everlasting wedding photos!

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Long Hairstyles for Guests at Weddings

Having long hair means you can wear it up or down, or both. For a formal look, you can’t go wrong with the classic ‘up-do’, a French pleat or a simple soft side bun or braided style. With classic braids (also known as plaits), it’s often just enough to have just a hint, as for many people a fully braided style can look a little severe.

Plaited side sections of the front of the hair can be swept upwards and pinned, leaving the rest of the hair long and flowing. For an informal wedding with a boho dress style dress, consider having clip in extensions that can be added to your hair. Always use real hair for a more natural look.

Braided hairstyles for guests at weddings |

Curled Hairstyles for Guests at Weddings

Whatever the length of your hair, curls will add volume, shape and bounce and can quite often give a more feminine look. The best way to create lasting curls is to use heated rollers.

Cat’s Top Tips for Creating Lasting Curls:

  1. Set the rollers vertically rather than horizontally for loose, tousled curls with less volume. The large rollers at the top create volume at the top of the hair.
  2. Use larger rollers on the top of your head, with smaller rollers underneath, rolling the hair away from your face at the front. Or use medium rollers at the top and crown and then tongs or straighteners to create soft ‘beachy’ waves for short or long hair .
  3. For a more natural looking curl, alternate the direction throughout the hair and use your fingers to gently rake through the curls when you first remove heated rollers and fix with hairspray. The finer the hair, the more it can drop, so don’t put fingers through fine hair unless you want a much softer curl.
  4. To create a boho look go for a centre parting, and for a show stopping glamorous look, create a deep side parting so the curls fall over one side of your face. You can use tongs or straighteners to create that beauty wave and a good setting spray and hairspray to make sure it holds.
  5. Always allow heated rollers to cool completely before removing and for a less defined curl or wave, use dry texturizing spray and a good hairspray and setting spray to finish.
  6. Remember that it’s better to have a tight curl to start with as it will naturally drop to the wave or curl you want.

Curled Hairstyles for guests at weddings |

Coloured Hairstyles for Guests at Weddings

If you love to colour your hair then a special occasion like a wedding is the perfect time. Consider a naural looking blonde, red, black or brunette shade but do consider your natural colouring. Whether you want to cover the grey or actually dye it grey, which is still a current trend, it’s worth keping in mind that a wedding is probably not the best time to try anything really wild. Remember, less is more this year.

Coloured Hairstyles for guests |

Short Hairstyles for Guests at Weddings

If your hair is shorter than shoulder-length, there are still ways to style it for a special occasion, with the sides taken up or by adding flowers or hair accessories. Even shorter hair can be treated to having a nice soft wave put through or a simple blow dry. A hair accessory that complements your outfit can set off a very simple hairstyle by adding colour, shape and interest.

Short Hairstyles for guests at weddings |

About Catherine Legg Hair and Makeup

Catherine Legg is a professional celebrity hair and makeup artist and an expert on latest trends. Cat has worked extensively in the TV and film industry, including BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. Working mainly across the south east of England, Cat will tailor your hair and makeup exactly as you wish, and will advise on styles to help create your desired look. Please visit Cat Legg Hair and Makeup to see examples of Cat’s TV, film and bridal work.

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