How to Fake Tan for Your Wedding: Expert Tips to Perfect Your Glow

You’ve probably been considering how to fake tan for your wedding, or if it is even a good idea at all. We all know that no one wants to look like an orange on their big day or ruin their dream wedding dress with tan patches.

However, everyone loves an all-over glow, and fake tan shouldn’t be feared!


Just like our list of makeup dos and don’ts, there are areas to consider before you begin applying fake tan for your wedding day.

If you are planning on achieving the ultimate sunkissed glow on your own, then recruit your girls to cover your back and take a read of this expert advice on how to tan for your wedding.

Known as the ‘Tom Ford’ of self-tanning, celebrity tanner James Harknett has shared his five top tips to ensure you achieve a healthy glow.

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Expert Tips to Perfect Your Fake Tan on Your Big Day

Tanning Tip #1: The Perfect Match

Your skin will be very different from other peoples, so it’s important to remember that not every product will work for you when you’re figuring out how to fake tan for your wedding.

James pointed out that: “Getting the right shade is a must for a wedding. Always research a reputable tanning therapist that can distinguish what dyes in the spray formulas penetrate best on particular skins.

“Or if you’re planning on doing it yourself, remember that everyone’s skin is different so look for a brand that has a variation of finishes.”

Practice makes perfect for this tip. Try a range of tans well in advance, ensuring you have time to take each tan off before applying another.

There are lots of different formulas available, why not try one before your hen party? It could be the perfect base to this ultimate hen party makeup look.

Tanning Tip #2: Skin Tone

Gradually building up your tan can help those with lighter skin tones battle the fear of an overnight change.

James advises: “Clarins Radiance Boost Drops can be mixed with your existing night cream or moisturiser to build up a glow.

“Just ensure you blend evenly into the hairline and don’t forget a little behind the ears too.”

For those with olive or darker skin tones, their tanning choices can be bolder.

Clarins Radiance Drops

Tanning Tip #3: Exfoliating

Whether you are planning to self-tan yourself or get a spray tan from an expert, exfoliating is an essential part of the process.

It’s the specifics of exfoliating that you may not have thought of when considering how to fake tan for your wedding.

James said: “Time and time again people have said about exfoliating days before the tan. When in reality just one good scrub, no matter what your skin type, the morning or evening before tanning will give the best and most accurate results.

“It’s important to remember that self-tan clings to our dead skin, so if you have spent days sloughing it away, chances are you won’t get the maximum colour you want to achieve.”

Now you know not to over exfoliate before your big day, check out what else you should avoid on the countdown to your wedding.

Tanning Tip #4: Protect Your Hair

Fake tan doesn’t just bronze the skin, it can affect your hair colour too if you aren’t careful.

An ultimate tanning tip from James is that if you have a blonde or fair complexion tying your hair back is essential.

A shower cap might not be the most flattering look but it is a great way to protect your hair from fake tan, then simply dab a touch of Vaseline over any hair left on show and don’t forget your brows!

How to tan for your wedding day

These gorgeous bridal hairstyles are all the inspiration you need for your big day!

Tanning Tip #5: Moisturising

According to the expert himself, stronger tans bring with them a strong chance of the skin feeling dehydrated and a little taught.

If you are opting for a dark tan, then try a light layer of moisturiser over your face and neck to keep the skin hydrated.

Now that you have perfected your tanning technique, check out these beautiful makeup looks for your big day.

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