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How to Master the Kissable Red Lip

All you need to know about mastering one of the biggest beauty trends for brides – the red lip.


Left: David McClellend Photography | Right: Elizabeth Messina Photography

When you read the lips of any woman who dares to wear red, they are whispering glamour, confidence, elegance and sophistication. The red lip makes the statement that a woman is happy, self-assured and in touch with her ‘inner goddess’. It is a beauty trend that is never out of style, no matter the decade or the season.

Whatever the shade, be it overt orange or gothic berry, scandalous scarlet or a perky fuchsia, lips are the focus of choice for 2012 brides. Textures vary from matte to shine, barely-there to an outright wetlook, and the choice to team it with a lick of liner or a full smoky eye is one that is not to be taken lightly.

Remember however, that a red lip is not for the demure wallflower, it’s for a woman who is casually confident, and who wants to be noticed. It is the perfect choice for a woman on her big day. Make sure to try different shades to find which suits you best – the red lip is different for everyone, despite what you may hear about skin tone and hair colour.

Tips for red lips on your wedding day

1.   Make sure to protect your dress by putting a cloth over your dress when you are taking it on and off to avoid lipstick stains.

2.   Wear a lip pencil to prevent the colour from bleeding.

3.   Don’t test out a new colour on your big day – go for a shade you are comfortable with and you know looks good both in person and on camera.

4.   Have a bridesmaid (or your hubby) check you’re stain free on your teeth throughout the day!

5.   Blot your lips before eating or drinking, and bring a compact and small lip brush to apply after meals.

6.   Air kiss like your life depends on it!

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