Look fabulous on your wedding day

Follow the Confetti East guide to looking stunning on your big day…

Exercise regularly

FacesGet yourself into a set routine, whether it is yoga, walking or going to the gym. Joining a class or working with a gym instructor will help you keep motivated and structured.


Sleep early

A regular sleep pattern is important to looking great – it is one of the secrets of top models. Lack of sleep will leave dark circles under your eyes and make your face puffy.

Diet sense

Don’t try any drastic diets as this could wreak havoc on your skin. Eat sensibly with a lot more of salads, fruits and nuts, while cutting down on fats and carbohydrates. It will help you to look glowing on your day without starving yourself. Losing weight shouldn’t mean looking pale and weak.

Avoid late night snacks & dinners

Heavy food eaten late in the evening leads to a sluggish digestive system, which means feeling bloated. You need to leave a gap of a minimum of 4 hours from your evening meal to the time you go to sleep.

No cigarettes, alcohol or stimulants

No matter how tempting it is to reach for a stimulant when wedding planning gets stressful, you need to remind yourself that you want to look your best, and resist it.

Positive thinking

Your state of mind reflects on your face and your health. Feeling good and to look fabulous on the inside is an essential step to looking great on the outside.

Drink water

Water helps to hydrate your skin and also wash away a build up of toxins in the body. It is a habit that can be cultivated. Replace sugary fizzy drinks, alcohol, tea and coffee with nature’s best drink – water.


Processed foods, ready meals and fast foods will need to be replaced with fresh meals cooked on the day. Make it a pleasurable experience by planning in advance. Eat lots of fresh fruits and yoghurts, home‐made smoothies and fresh juices. Green tea (without milk or sugar) is great for removing free radicals from the body.

Cleansing routineNeckline

No matter how exhausted you may be with all that wedding shopping, don’t forget to remove your make‐up before sleeping. Clogged up pores lead to spots, requiring even more make‐up to cover it up.

Use UV protection

For a summer or autumn wedding, remember you want an even skin tone without some bits being darker than others. Make sure you have sun protection in the months leading up to the wedding.

Invest in a good haircut

A great haircut can give tremendous confidence and can enhance the look of the outfits you have chosen for your trousseau.

Brilliant smile

See a dentist several months before to make sure if you need more visits for cleaning or polishing before the wedding day, after all you want to be smiling confidently in the photographs.

Pamper yourself

Go into a day spa or for the weekend and have a facial, massage and manicures. It will help you feel more relaxed and also make you look glowing.

Apply make‐up in the light you’re going out in

Whether you are using a make‐up artist or doing your own make‐up, make sure you have a trial in the right sort of light needed for the day. Evening make‐up can be a little darker and heavier as compared to daylight or outdoors.


Choose the outfit that suits you rather than just following trends. Don’t wear anything that seems out of character or something that doesn’t go with your personality. You’ll have the confidence of knowing that you’re looking your best.

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