Make your make-up work for you

It’s one of the best kept beauty secrets: good‐looking make‐up that lasts

Q. I can never get my lash curler to work. What am I doing wrong?

A. Look straight into the mirror and press firmly down on the lash curler for five to ten seconds. Roll the curler slightly up and away while holding. Always curl lashes before putting on your mascara, otherwise you risk damaging or breaking your lashes. 


Q. What colour blusher should I use?

A. Your perfect blusher is the colour of your cheeks when you are flushed. The lighter your skin, the lighter your blusher should be; the darker your skin, the deeper your blusher should be. Remember too, to match your blusher with your lipstick. So if you’re wearing red lipstick opt for a reddish or pink blusher. If you’re wearing brown lipstick go for pink, orange or red blusher, depending on the undertone of your lipstick.

Q. How do I apply blusher so that it looks natural?

A. Blusher should be applied to the apple of your cheek, which is where you colour would rise if you were naturally flushed. To find that area, smile in an exaggerated way. The apple is the round, lifted part of your face. Also, don’t forget to blend it up and back towards your hairline and down away from your cheek.

Q. How can I keep from getting lipstick on my teeth?

A. The best way to avoid this is to apply your lipstick with a brush instead of straight from the tube. Also try to keep from applying the colour to your inner lips, where it’s more likely to rub off. Extra hint ‐‐ many professional make‐up artists use a sweep of Vaseline across the teeth to steer clear of this problem at fashion photo shoots. Use this tip at you own discretion!

Q. I’m having my make‐up done professionally for my wedding day and need to know what I should have with me to stay looking fresh.

A. You’ll want to have the same products as your make‐up artist uses, to avoid changing your look. Ask what products she’ll be using a few weeks before (or at your trial) and purchase them well in advance.

The idea when refreshing is to just touch things up. Don’t be too heavy‐handed, or you’ll end up looking more like a circus clown than a blushing bride.

Knowing what make‐up to choose and how to apply it is the key to looking great. Here we answer some of the most frequently asked beauty questions…

Q. My make‐up always makes me look greasy in photos. What can I do?

A. In natural daylight, everything you put on will show up on the film. Keep your make‐up minimal while using enough concealer and foundation to even out spots or redness. Use lots of powder to achieve a matte, not dewy, finish. Avoid frosted make‐up as it’s too reflective for photographs. 

Q. I have really small lips. How do I make them look fuller?

A. You’re best off looking for medium‐toned lipsticks that can look pretty on a smaller mouth. Or try lining your mouth with a lip pencil the same colour as your lips.

Q. What’s the best way to make my lipstick last?

A. For long‐lasting wear, you need to create a bonding surface on which to apply your lip colour. Do this by first filling in your entire lip with a soft lip pencil. Then apply a matte‐formula lipstick on top. 

Q. What can I do to disguise my double chin?

A. Some make‐up artists believe it’s better to play up your good points, rather than try to cover up so‐called “flaws”. But one trick is to contour your face using a matte powder that’s just a darker version of your skin tone ‐‐ just brush it lightly on the heavy areas.

Q. My mascara always ends up in clumps. What can I do?

A. The best way to achieve thick, clump‐free lashes is to apply your mascara in two or three thin coats, waiting briefly between coats to allow it to dry. If it starts to clump, wipe the excess mascara from your brush with a tissue. For good lash separation, roll the wand as you apply.

Q. I’m worried that I’ll start crying and smudge all my mascara.

A. Use a water‐proof formula and apply it in two or three thin coats, allowing each to dry before moving to the next. And if you do start crying, use a dabbing action to mop your eyes.

Q. Should I use eyeliner? If so, what colour?

A. Eyeliner helps draw attention to your eyes. Even if you have deep‐set eyes, liner will help them to stand out. If you have blue eyes try a brown or navy liner. For brown eyes, try a dark brown or cocoa. For green eyes, try brown shadow.

Q. My eye shadow always seems to go creasy or cake up. What can I do?

A. Avoid putting anything else that’s creamy on your eyelids, such as moisturiser, foundation or concealer, and that should do the trick.

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