Make-Up The Rules

Bridal beauty Expert Joyce Connor says if you stick to these basic rules, you can’t go wrong on your big day!

A great skincare routine is the starting point of how the final make up will look. If you’re skin looks good then so will your make up.


  • Get your foundation colour matched by a professional. Test the colour on your jaw line not the back of your hand. Try three different colours that are closest to your skin type. The one that you can’t see is the one you should buy. Foundation should be blended well so invest in a brush and apply using downward strokes. Start at your nose and work out towards the edge of the face. Blend the foundation up to the hairline and just below your jaw.
  • Add colour to your face and cheeks with blusher and a touch of bronzer. This is better than using a darker foundation and looks more natural. Apply bronzer over the cheeks, temples and jaw line and add blusher to the apples of your cheeks. If you’ve added too much colour you can tone it down by adding a translucent powder over the top.
  • Avoid sparkly eyeshadows. In flash photographs they look like white dots and are very difficult to remove. Eye colour can be dramatic but its best to go for nude lips with strong eye colour and for bold lip colours choose a nude or pale colour on the eyes. You want the focus to be one or the other. Eyelash extensions or false lashes can add lots of drama on the day for both looks.
  • Invest in a new tube of mascara for your wedding day! Lashes should be separated so they look long and not clumped together. If you have lash extensions purchase the special mascara for this. If you don’t have the budget for this then add some individual lashes to the outer corners and top up the look with mascara.
  • Keep you lips soft and kissable by exfoliating them weekly with a soft dry toothbrush. Always define the outline of your lips with a pencil in a shade that matches the lip colour or a colour that matches your skin tone. Start at the venus mount (the centre of the top lip) then drew outwards towards the outer edge. Draw the same outline from the centre of the lower lip to the outer corner on both sides. For lasting power cover the entire lip with foundation then the pencil colour. Add lipstick and blot, retouch and then a hint of gloss to the centre of the mouth.
  • Just remember you are still you on your wedding day, just an enhanced version. Make up really does make a difference to the wedding photos. If it’s applied correctly it will last all day and you’ll have great pictures to look back on in 10 years time!

Joyce Connor

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