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Bridal Beauty Tips from Debbie Jean Bridal Make‐up Artist

Wearing the perfect mascara is an important aspect of bridal make‐up. You certainly don’t want black tears running down your beautifully made up face, so you need to invest in a smudge proof mascara or waterproof.


If you have booked a make‐up artist to apply your make‐up, ask him/her to use your mascara ‐ mascara holds bacteria and it is recommended you use your own. Imagine getting an eye infection on the day of your wedding! You will most likely need a water proof mascara for your honeymoon, so your purchase will be well worth it.

Wearing water proof mascara every day is not a good idea, it is more difficult to remove than regular mascara and all the rubbing around the eyes is not necessary.

To make your mascara last longer don’t pump air into the container when you are trying to get more product onto the applicator wand. Rather scrape the wand around the inside edge of the container and access more product this way. Generally smudge proof/water proof mascaras are sometimes drier than regular mascaras and they don’t seem to last as long ‐ so keep your mascara lid tightly closed.

Black mascara creates the strongest illusion ‐ you can use a softer brown if you don’t normally wear make‐up.

If you are allergic to mascara, tint your lashes the week of the wedding to make sure they are visible and defined on your wedding day. You could also wear a natural looking set of false lashes. Be sure to test the glue near your lash line and check you are not sensitive to it. Do this at least 3 weeks before your wedding.

Test your new mascara on your lashes before the day. If you have an allergic reaction this will allow enough time to purchase and test another brand.

HANDY TIP: Roll up a few tissues and hold them behind your bouquet, if you do start crying during the ceremony you will have tissues to catch your tears.

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To read more information on applying your bridal make‐up look, visit my make‐up website you will find detailed notes and images on wedding make‐up.

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