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Men’s Grooming Q&A

It’s the one day in your life when excuses for not looking your best just won’t do. You need a plan to ensure you’re looking great. So we’ve got a few of the people in the know to answer some of your most common questions about grooming the groom.male groming tips

Grooming Q&A


You need a plan to ensure you’re looking great. So we’ve got a few of the people in the know to answer some of your most common questions about grooming the groom.

Q: Although it’s three months away, should I be thinking about starting to get in shape now for my wedding?

A:  There’s no such thing as “too soon” to start exercising and trimming away some of that beer padding. “I started to exercise regularly,” says Paul Hancock, who married Louise in July last year, “specifically for my wedding. On the advice of my personal trainer, I did three aerobic sessions a week, a mix of running, cycling or swimming. I built up the distances I was doing over about four months. By the wedding I was leaner, I was less stressed and I was sleeping much better. It’s now part of my life, and I think it will be forever more ‐‐ like Louise, I hope.”

Q: A week before the wedding, I’m thinking of getting something radical done at the barber’s‐‐as a surprise for my fiancée. What do you think?

A:  Our experts suggest continuity is the key. “I’ve advised many would‐be grooms against a major change in hairstyle,” says Barry Klein, of Taylor’s of Bond Street (“grooming men since 1854!”). “The customer is ultimately always right, but a complete change is a risk and has‐‐I know‐‐backfired on some clients. A lot of beards get shaved off, moustaches too, and the brides hardly recognise their husbands. Beware!”

Q: When I get nervous I can’t sleep. Any tips to make sure I don’t yawn half way through the ceremony?

A:  “Camomile tea,” says health writer Debre Giliomee, “is a great way to help a nervous groom sleep. Aromatherapy oils can help too, especially lavender. Put a few drops in a hot bath and/or on your pillow at night. Essentially it’s about relaxing. Cut down on tea and coffee (and fizzy drinks that have a lot of caffeine), especially before going to bed. Don’t get drunk‐‐a glass or two of wine is plenty‐‐and put fresh sheets on the bed. And get your head down before midnight.”

Q: I’m worried about my breath on the day. What should I use to keep it fresh?

A:  Avoid chewing gum‐‐you might be able to conceal chewing the gum, but where are you going to put the offending lump in the church or at the reception? Mints are the best idea, but try and get a brand that has an active ingredient like Actizol. It’ll be a little more effective than a mint imperial.

Q: I sometimes I get a shaving rash, and the last thing I want is to be sporting one in the photos. Can I take precautions?

A:  “A shave at a barber’s,” says Barry Klein, “is obviously what I would recommend! It’s a very relaxing experience and starts the day perfectly. If this is not possible the groom should use his normal razor with a brand new blade, preferably using a shaving cream and not foam. Shave the way the hair lies and use plenty of hot water. Take your time, and leave as much gap between shaving and Zero‐hour as you can.”

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