Modern Must-Have Skincare Gadgets – Part 1 – The Rio Sonicleanse

Having a clear complexion can make such a difference to your confidence and on your wedding day you’ll do almost anything to have clear, glowing skin.


Rio Sonicleanse £49.99

Like many women, I’ve never had a flawless complexion and have always been desperate to find some miracle cure for the regular blemishes that appear to ruin my day.

There’s no shortage of advice out there and certainly hundreds of products on the market that promise the earth and deliver a whole lot less. So, what can you do to make sure you don’t have a massive stress-breakout on your big day and have to spend the morning squeezing and concealing? You can go one step further than the occasional salon facial and the weekly mud mask. Enter the Rio Sonicleanse…

How does it work?

Promoted as the affordable version of the better known Clarisonic, The Sonicleanse ‘uses micro-pulsating high frequency sonic cleaning for a deeper, more effective clean.’ This is modern technology that’s a whole lot more effective than a cotton flannel and soap. The brush rotates at an amazing 10,000 times a minute to gently loosen dirt and oil to deep clean pores and help reduce the appearance of oily areas, dry skin patches, blemishes and enlarged pores.

The leaflet says, ‘Designed to invigorate your skin and at a fraction of the cost compared to other leading sonic cleansing brushes, it will save you money too.’ It even claims to be ideal for delicate, sensitive and normal skin types and has adjustable power levels; low for gentle care to keep skin firm, and high for penetrating exfoliation.

How do you use it?

It’s gentle enough to use daily, even on sensitive skin. Build it into your regular skincare routine by using it to remove your make up and daily dirt every night. The brush takes away more than your make up as it gently removes the epidermal (outer) layer of dry and flaky skin cells which makes your cleanser work deeper into your pores, and enables your moisturiser to get deeper into your skin and do a better job too.

Put to the test, does it really work?

Yes. From the first day I used it I wondered how I ever got along without it. It certainly does do what it promises leaving my skin feeling and looking refreshed and revitalised with fewer blemishes.

A month of using it and I have noticeably softer, clearer, smoother skin, my face feels like silk. No more harsh exfoliators for me. I love this little brush. And yes your groom can use it too. It comes with a spare brush head!

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