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Bridal Beauty Tips from Debbie Jean
Bridal Make‐up Artist

As the mother of the bride you may be feeling the pressure of looking your best on the wedding day. It’s important to remember it’s totally OK to look your age!


Careful planning and an updated make‐up look may be all that you need to give you that extra boost of confidence.

Accept the way you look NOW, forget about how you used to look, or who you want to look like – focus on making the most of yourself and the out come will be successful.

  • Avoid using thick and pasty foundation it will enhance the fine lines on your face. Liquid foundations work best. Apply a foundation primer before you begin with your application. Primers provide a smooth surface for a blended application of foundation. The base that primers provide also reduce the more textured appearance that a mature skin has.
  • Concealer is used to freshen your eye surface and cover blemishes – please read the concealer article on this website for full details and tips.
  • Opt to wear a loose powder over your foundation. Loose powder reduces the shine on the skin. Shine attracts light to the lines on your face and this illuminates them. A matte face is a fresher younger looking face. Do not use compact powder – they provide a heavy layer to the skin and you will look older.
  • Use waterproof mascara and keep the focus of the mascara on your top eye lashes for as much up ward lifting illusion as possible.


  • If your face no longer holds colour, use a peachy or pinkie blusher on the apple of your cheeks to ‘lift life’ and colour onto your face. You can also use a brighter lipstick shade.
  • If you have small lips, go brighter or lighter rather than darker. Darker will make your lips look smaller and your face look hard.
  • Never mix warm shades and cool shades on your face. For example you should not mix a pinkie lipstick shade with a peachy eye shadow shade. Opposites don’t harmonise on the face.
  • Never wear one shade of eye shadow from your eyelashes until your eyebrows. You need to use light and dark shades in the correct place to create a more youthful appearance around the eyes. If you visit my make‐up website and order your own personal make‐up analysis – I will provide you with video clips to watch and a printable eye shadow application chart that is best suited to your eyes.


  • Using matte eye shadows through the crease of the eyes creates a better illusion on maturing eyes. Shimmery eye shadow draws attention to fine lines on the eyes. If there is any puffiness – it will also be exaggerated by using shimmer through the crease of the eyes.
  • On younger eyes fashionable colours and trendy applications look fun, but on ageing eyes, very colourful shadows or high shine shadows look out of place and make the eyes look older.
  • Don’t hide behind your make‐up. Wedding guests should see you before they see your make‐up. Opt for a fresh make‐up look, rather than an over applied pasty look.

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To read more information on applying your bridal make‐up look, visit my make‐up website you will find detailed notes and images on wedding make‐up.

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