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I often notice that women change their hair, accessories and clothing for an occasion, but not their make‐up. Remember that make‐up assists in completing your over all look and should be changed according to the occasion and your wedding make‐up is no exception.


Natural and glamorous make‐up

I prefer not to refer to various make‐up looks as day and evening make‐up, because you may choose to wear a very dark make‐up look at ten in the morning for an elegant wedding for example. Therefore consider the look you want to portray and not the time of day.

When you apply a natural make‐up look, be sure to apply every stage of the application. Each product has a function and adds to the over all affect of your finished make‐up look. For example, leaving out the foundation, concealer and powder part of the application will only make you look incomplete ‐ as your skin won’t be evened out and your eye area won’t look as fresh without concealer and powder applied underneath your eye shadow. You also need to consider your wedding photos and a semi applied make‐up application will not do justice to your photos.

Changing your make‐up colours from more matte neutral shades to darker and possibly more shimmery shades will be the main difference between your natural and glamorous look.

If you are going to wear a dark lipstick, make sure you apply it with a firm lip brush, which will ensure a beautifully applied lip edge.

Using charcoal and black eye shadows as well as chocolate brown shades, work well especially for a smokey eye look. Make sure you take along your eye pencil for touch ups. Take a look at my make‐up website – you will find a step by step guide to applying a smokey eye make‐up look:

Creating a balance between eyes, cheeks and lips is important, if you apply smokey eyes don’t apply a dark lip shade and visa versa. Enhancing one area or the other creates a strong impact.

Using very small embellishments is also effective and fun – what I use is the tiny diamante details that are designed for nail art, usually sold in large pharmacies. I use the smallest amount of eye lash glue to stick them on. Usually one or two work well, near the eye area. On the inner corner of the eye near the nose or tucked directly under the bottom lashes. Use a tweezer to apply ‐ you will be amazed how much attention one small diamante can make in evening light.

Wearing a full set of lashes can be tricky so unless you are going for an over the top look for your wedding make‐up opt for a natural looking set, where the hairs are not to long and not set to close to one another – this will ensure the lashes look more natural. I often notice in wedding photos that false lashes are not stuck close enough to the base of the natural lashes. Liquid liner usually works well with false lashes – practise makes perfect and wearing a well applied smooth and straight liquid line is stylish and effective.

Bare in mind the time of day your wedding will be taking place and apply your foundation accordingly. You can wear a thicker foundation for evening weddings because night light won’t show up the thickness of the product. However, for day time and out door weddings (especially out doors) your foundation application should be applied in a more natural way ‐ to look more a part of your skin and not like an extra thick layer sitting on the skin.

Powder particles shows up in sunlight – sitting on the little hairs on the face. Make sure you dust the extra powder particles off your face efficiently, using a large powder brush.

Practise a few different make‐up looks and take photos of each application – this will make it easier to decide what make‐up look to go chose for your wedding day.

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To read more information on applying your bridal make‐up look, visit my make‐up website you will find detailed notes and images on wedding make‐up.

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