On the day

The big day’s here ‐‐ it’s time to put your bridal beauty plan into practice

Take a deep breath, sit in front of the mirror and start pouting. You’re going to look like a star, with the help of beauty expert Beatrice Aidin…


Getting ready

  • Try not to wear make‐up the day or evening before the wedding in order to let your skin breathe.
  • Hang a Do Not Disturb sign outside your room while you get ready and switch off your phone ‐‐ your hairdresser and make‐up artist should not be distracted.
  • Remember to have your hair done before your make‐up: you don’t want your hair sticking to your lipstick or the brush scraping your foundation…
  • Attention all maids of honour ‐‐ make room for the bride’s cosmetic essentials in your bag ‐‐ powder, cover‐up, lipstick and mascara plus mineral water spritz and tissues.

Making your looks last

  • Your make‐up should last the entire day, and it definitely shouldn’t be worn on your dress. Try these top tips for real staying power:
  • Use a scarf over your face when changing so nothing rubs off from your face onto your dress.
  • Pick an oil‐free foundation that repels oil to make it last longer.
  • Get yourself some primer to dab under eye make‐up and keep shadow on.
  • Pick a long‐lasting lipstick that doesn’t come off ‐‐ on you or your groom.
  • Stock up on waterproof mascara, and hand it round ‐‐ you just know you’ll cry…
  • Top it all off with a make‐up sealant fixer spray used in the theatre; it’s water‐resistant and keeps make‐up on. Plus it’s perfect for covering up tattoos, should you need to. Just cover with foundation and powder and seal.
  • If you’re going for fake tan, test your skin tone against your dress.
  • Fill in nasty orange tan marks on skin with an instant temporary tanning spray.
  • In the evening, your make‐up artist may come back to top you up ‐‐ and do your nails again if you’re Victoria Beckham!

End of the day

  • When it’s all over, take off that face. You don’t want to look like a panda in the morning. Cleansing wipes are a quick and easy way to do this.
  • If you’re nervous about your husband seeing you in bed without your make‐up ‐‐ or you just can’t be bothered ‐‐ there are several brands of make‐up available that you can wear in bed. How’s that for lazy?


  • If you get a last minute‐spot, ask your beautician to squeeze it and use tea tree oil to help shrink it.
  • Lavender oil on your pillow will help you sleep if you’re restless at night.
  • Looking a bit tired? Splash cold water on your face for an instant complexion brightener.
  • Cucumber slices or cool‐eye pads can calm down puffy eyes.
  • Use glue‐on nails if your Frenchie goes wrong on the day.

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