Bride & Groom Holding Hands

Picture Perfect Hands

Now that winter is letting go of its icy grip, it’s time to re evaluate your beauty regime, and that means paying close attention to your hands as well as your face.

Bride & Groom Holding Hands


Images courtesy of Sarah Young Wedding Planner

Dry, chapped skin and nails that look like you’ve been on a building site for six months are not chic, and if you’re getting married, it’s vital you look like a lady when flashing that sparkler on your finger.

The good news is that a little care goes a long way. Start now by using a nightly hand cream to restore that soft touch to your hands. I tried the Intensive Night time Hand Serum from the Formula range at Marks and Spencer, £5.00 and was amazed by the overnight transformation. The product claims to restore hydration that lasts for 16 hours Quite frankly, I was sceptical, but it really does work and, following a full day tapping away at the typewriter, my hands still felt soft and silky. Next, apply a nail oil to replenish lost moisture around the nail bed. Boots has a lovely cuticle oil in its Original Beauty Formula range, with a cute little retro bottle that looks great on your bedside table. Just rub a little in around your cuticle to soften hardened and unattractive skin and bring your nails back to life.

What you eat really affects your nails too, so make sure you get plenty of calcium in your diet .If you don’t eat dairy, then eat plenty of oily fish or take a calcium supplement. Cod liver oil tablets and vitamin D can also help strengthen nails. Keep your hands out of water as much as you can – wear rubber gloves when washing up, or, even better, get your fiancé to take on this chore, and apply hand cream during the day – carry a small tube in your handbag and keep a fragranced cream on your washbasin.

Once your hands are in tip top condition, we’ll be looking at the latest trends in nail colours and finishes, and taking a peek at the right way to file and shape your nails for super strength and shape, so watch this space!

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