Seven Things to do on Your Champneys Spa Hen Do

I don’t know about you, but for me, the idea of a big night out for my hen do , complete with feather boas and penis straws, strikes fear in my heart.

I’m much more a spa hen do kind of girl, so I jumped at the chance to visit Champneys in Tring to try out the Lava Shells massage, and get the inside scoop on what to do on a spa hen do.


Read on for the seven things you need to do on your spa hen do.

1. Indulge in a Lava Shells Massage

If you’re in the midst of wedding planning stress, with the big day just weeks away, chances are you might be feeling a little tense. In my opinion, there’s no better cure for a busy brain and tense muscles than a massage.

I booked in for a Lava Shells massage – as a big fan of hot stone massages, I knew a Lava Shells massage would be right up my street, and as it turns out, those magical shells have pushed hot stones off the number one spot as my favourite spa treatment.

The ceramic shells have a little sachet inside, which is activated by a liquid that the therapists pours in and self-heats, creating the most dreamy warmth.


The shells are so soft that it feels like your body is being caressed by silk, and I couldn’t believe how a shell could feel so soothing – absolutely magical!

The treatment was 50 minutes long, with all main areas of the body catered to, starting with legs, before moving on to arms, and finishing with a blissful back massage. I tried my absolute hardest to stay awake (I didn’t want to miss a minute!), but as the therapist smoothed the shells along the length of my back, I couldn’t help but drift off.

Any aches and pains I was complaining of were massaged away, and as I reluctantly stepped off the massage bed, I felt soothed and revived, with a rebalanced mind.

2. Try a Weights Exercise Class

I’m all for resting and relaxation, and could happily have drifted between the various pools, jacuzzis and saunas for the duration of my Champneys stay, but there was an amazing array of fitness classes on offer, so it seemed rude not to take on at least one.

I opted for Body Sculpt, a fast-paced weights based class, which was 45 minutes long. It was hard, and intense but also expertly led and motivating, and talking to other guests, it seems that all the classes are just as inspiring.

There are so many different classes, that even the most exercise averse of hens will definitely find one that takes their fancy.

3. Try JumpGa

I have to admit, I didn’t try the JumpGa class, and now that I’m home I’m kicking myself.

It’s a hybrid of HIIT and yoga, based on a mini trampoline. I’m sure you can see why I was intrigued, but after Body Sculpt my muscles were quivering too much to stand up, let alone tackle another class.


4. Explore the grounds

While I wasn’t up for another 45 minutes of high intensity exercise, I was more than happy to embark on an hour long guided walk of the grounds, covering wheat fields (I kept an eye out for Theresa May), forests and leafy meadows.

The walks are the perfect hen do activity, especially if you’ve invited your mum or future mother in law along and she’s not keen on trying the more intense work outs.

The walk was an invigorating way to wake myself up after lounging in the relaxation areas, which brings me on to my next must-do.


5. Nap in the Relaxation Suite

If months of wedding planning and being glued to your phone have taken it out of you, the relaxation suites are a must. They’re cocoon like, with dark draping curtains, a soothing soundtrack and heated water beds. Plus technology is banned, meaning you won’t start scrolling through Instagram on autopilot.

I’ve been struggling to sleep for the last few months (blame it on an overactive brain), and I felt myself drifting off after five short minutes – just don’t sleep through your treatment slot!

6. Attend a Talk

The Champneys Spas often host inspirational, life-affirming talks. We attended one about the importance of keeping a positive attitude and left with an entirely different outlook – these talks are a must if you’re getting caught up in the tiny details of wedding planning and losing sight of the bigger picture.

7. Relax

It seems silly to remind you and your hens to relax when you’re at a spa – that’s what you’re there for, after all! But with so much to fit in, it can be tempting to book in for lots of fitness classes and leave no time for lounging.

I implore you to make the most of the various jacuzzis, outdoor pools, the sauna and steam room. There’s nothing that can’t be cured by a few hours spent in luxury with your best friends.

After your Champneys hen do we guarantee you’ll feel rested, relaxed and totally zenned out – wedmin stress will be a thing of the past and even late RSVP changes won’t phase you.

Champneys resorts offer Girls Celebration Spa packages perfect for your hen do or for a pre-wedding pampering session.

Prices for the Girls Celebration One Night Spa Break start from £270 per person – including use of spa facilities, treatments and all meals.

If you don’t have time to go over night, there’s also a one day Girls Celebration Spa Day, from £120 – available at Tring, Henlow, Forest Mere and Springs and Eastwell Manor Champneys Hotel & Spa in Kent.

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