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Short Hair Wedding Ideas from Expert Pam Wrigley

If you’ve had just about enough of trying to nurture your hair into long luscious tresses for your big day, or you can’t stand the ‘nothing’ style you’re sporting since you started to grow it out, maybe it’s time to adjust your mindset, instead of adjusting your length. After all, your hubby-to-be proposed to you without thinking of how long you could grow your hair before the big day (I hope?!)

We all know short hair does funky, choppy and angular well, but did you realise it can also be soft and romantic? So whichever style you’re looking to go for, you can ditch the extensions and learn to love you short hair!


Short, cropped hair can look incredible in an angular, sleek style. To be certain your crop looks its best for the whole wedding day, make sure you see your hairdresser as close to the wedding date as possible, ideally on the morning of the wedding or maybe the day before. This will allow you to get a last minute cut and style to make sure you hair is in top shape for the long day ahead.

Vintage Romance

Short Bridal Hair Styles

Photo by Christina Brosnan, Brosnan Photographic

If romance is the order of the day for your wedding then maybe you could try some soft curls. Similarly, if you’re looking for a vintage twist, ask your hair dresser to try pin curls along the top of your head, following the line from forehead to the nape of your neck. This will add height while slimming your face at the same time. You could also try having some curls pinned up and others soft and loose around the face for a slightly tousled, sexy and effortless look.

If you’ve grown your hair almost as far as your shoulders you now have LOTS of different up dos to choose from, from soft relaxed Grecian styles to a smooth sleek Audrey Hepburn style chignon. A few plaits (braids) weaved into a low bun or along the hair line will give your classic style an up-to-the-minute twist.

Hair Accessories

Short Bridal Hair Styles and Accessories

Hair accessories from BHLDN

One thing you have to think about when you have short hair is how your hair accessories will stay put. If wearing a tiara will make you feel like a princess for the day, make sure you buy one that feels fairly secure without any grips, especially if you have short cropped hair. No matter what anyone tells you in the shop, grips need something to hold on to and you won’t have the luxury of long hair to hide them! Also, beware of anything too heavy when it comes to accessories.

With a bit of back combing, a veil can be easily secured in short hair. If you have soft silky hair and backcombing doesn’t seem to want to hold, try Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, it works a treat on shiny, smooth hair. You can be sure that your backcombed hair and your veil will stay put, so it’s one less thing to worry about!

Remember, this day is about all about you! People will be looking at you first, and then your dress! And that’s how it should be!

Happy wedding day x

Winner of Best Wedding Hair Stylist at the Wedding Industry Awards 2012 London & South East, Pam Wrigley is an expert in the field of styling bridal hair. With over 20 years of experience, Pam travels to meet brides throughout London and the Home Counties,

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