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Choosing the correct shade of lipstick on your wedding day is an important part of your over all bridal make‐up look. Here are some useful tips to help you make up your mind on a suitable shade.


The shade you decide to wear should be based on the following

  • Your personality: Choose suitable lipstick and lip gloss shades yourself without the help of a friend. Lipstick colour is such a personal thing and expecting someone else to choose it for you is like asking them to decide on what type of jewellery you should be wearing. Vibrant people often prefer brighter alive shades, whilst those that are more reserved prefer more subtle shades of lipstick.
  • If you have small lips rather go lighter or brighter with your shade and not darker. Dark shades will make your lips look even smaller.
  • Fuller lips can be enhanced with lip gloss, bright lipsticks or striking deep shades.(Neutral, matte shades help tone down a full mouth you don’t want to enhance).
  • Keep an eye on lipstick trends, pearlised lipsticks are not the rage anymore. Juicy, glossy formulas come and go whilst the matte red lip seems to be a true classic. Heavy lines of lip liner look dated and fake, so blend your lip liner inside your lip line to create a less obvious look.

It’s important to choose a lip shade that is not to light for your bridal make‐up look – this way you won’t look to washed out in the full length photos.

When it comes to choosing the right texture it’s a matter of trial and error. Some women prefer moist formulas and others prefer matte. Either way it generally comes off, so touch ups on your wedding day will be required.

There is no set rule when it comes to lip products. If you have pink lips you may not require much lip colour whilst those who have pale lips might want to add some colour to the lips to brighten up their face. I for example only wear lip gloss and sometimes a lip liner and a gloss. Any combination of lipstick, lip liner and gloss is acceptable.

It is important when wearing lipstick ‐ to match the shade to your hair colour. For example orange red hair suits rusty browns, copper and warm shades. Red hair like brown/burgundy suits cool shades like plum, pink/brown and cool shades.

A handy trick is to apply a shimmery highlighter to the bows of your top lip. This creates a lovely highlight to your lips.

Whatever your choice in lip products I am sure you will make a beautiful bride.

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