Top Tips For Looking Good

There’s more to a groom’s wedding outfit than dry-cleaning your interview kit. Push the boat out and get ready to take centre stage.

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Organise yourself

Don’t think you’ve sorted it all three months before the wedding and then wait until the morning the big day itself to discover it’s all gone pear-shaped. Check your outfit at least two weeks before in case you’ve lost weight, picked up the wrong shirt or had a bad attack of moths!

Good looks

If you’re in the wedding party even though you’ll be dressed like the other guys, you still want to look a little different, but do this through a different colour waistcoat, special buttonhole or fancy cravat. Don’t spring any wild colour or pattern surprises on the bride!

In advance

Remember that a hired suit needs to be fitted and ordered well in advance so that it is ready for the big day. If you’re the father-of-the-bride or the groom you can wear ceremonial attire such as a kilt or dress uniform if you are entitled.

Fitted up

For a well-fitted shirt you should be able to fit no more than one or two fingers between your neck and your collar.

Measure up

For heaven’s sake, get measured properly – especially if you suspect your waist measurement isn’t accurate or you’ve put on a bit of weight. Admitting you’re not a 34 any more could prevent you having to spend your wedding day holding your breath in case you lose a button.


Think cufflinks, shirt studs, a decent watch (not the one you got free at the garage), a tie pin, bow tie, a buttonhole, braces, cummerbund, waistcoat, handkerchief – and of course your shoes, which really need to be in keeping with the whole get-up.

On top of things

So well groomed, you’re mistaken for George Clooney? Or do people have trouble telling you and Bob Geldof apart? Either way, this really is a day for looking your best. And that means a haircut, a good shave and even a manicure. Go on, you might enjoy it!

Snap shots

Wedding photographs are a long-lasting souvenir of the big day. Women are often advised how to look their best in photos, but this information rarely filters down to men. Just remember the best tip: don’t slouch!

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