Top tips to ensure that you have a great hair day

While the dress, accessories and the make‐up are all essential, don’t underestimate the importance of the right hairstyle to bring together the entire look. Follow our simple guide to great hair…

Choosing a hairstylist

Word of mouth is a good way to find someone who specialises in weddings, but it is useful to remember that someone else’s style may not be yours. Do your own research by checking out the stylist’s website and their portfolio.


Book in advance

Once you’ve found a hairdresser you’re happy with, make sure you book her/him at least 3 months in advance. This will ensure that they’re not booked elsewhere on that day and will give you enough time to plan your look. In addition, it will allow enough time to condition your hair as required for your chosen style.

Plan your look

Check out the styles in the latest magazines and websites. Make a collection of cuttings and print outs to discuss with your hairdresser. If you’re having your wedding dress made by a designer, talk to her/him about ideas of suitable hairstyles to go with it. Being in the business, they may have some interesting input.

Try and test

A hair trial is just as important as a make‐up trial and might even determine your choice of jewellery or hair accessories. Remember to take along either the top of your wedding lehenga or sari or something similar to it, as it will help the hairdresser in suggesting options. Also take along any hair ornaments that you were planning to wear on the day. For instance if wearing a maangtika or a jhumar is part of your ensemble, this will determine what styles you can go for.

Washing hair

Make sure you wash your hair one day before your trial/wedding day, rather than on the day itself. Freshly washed hair is difficult to manage and will require more mousse and hairspray to set it, making the hair unnecessarily heavier.

Be different

Don’t be afraid to try something different. After all, you’ll be dressing up in a way you don’t normally do, so you can experiment with different looks before choosing the one you like best. For instance, adding fresh flowers to your hair can be very effective.


Added advantage

In order to create elaborate styles, many British Asian brides are choosing to add hairpieces made either out of real or synthetic hair. It is especially useful if you have thin or short hair. Extensions are a way of adding volume or highlights, if used in a different colour to your own. The final result can be astoundingly dramatic and elegant.

Second glance

Take along a trusted friend when you go for your hair trial. This will be useful if you don’t want to feel forced into accepting something that you’re not entirely happy with. Once you’ve chosen your final look, take photographs front, back and side. It will be good to show your family and friends to get their opinion. It will also be helpful on the day to show the hairstylist in order to ensure that you get an exact replica.

Be yourself

Decide on what you feel comfortable with and what you feel suits you, rather than following whatever is in vogue. It’s your wedding, so let down your hair and enjoy it.

Top Tips from wedding hairstylists

  • Flower power: Remember that flowers are delicate, and will wilt on hot days. If you’re planning to incorporate them into a headpiece, you may prefer to use longer lasting or silk ones.
  • High tied: Short brides can give themselves a little extra height by choosing a high coiffure, but be careful not to detract attention from the rest of your outfit, and don’t choose anything that will be hard to attach jewellery onto.
  • Different looks: Curls may work well for the hen or mehndi night, while a half‐up/half‐down style suits a registry wedding. For a traditional wedding you need to consider any jewellery that is going on the head and also the pinning of the dupatta. An elegantly coiffed look is ideal for the wedding reception.

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