Wedding Hairstyles for Afro Hair

If you’re looking for the best wedding hairstyles for afro hair, it can be hard to know where to start. There are so many amazing hairstyles out there for black brides, and you want to make sure you pick the right one to suit your style.

wedding hairstyles for afro hair


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We caught up with Charlotte Mensah – a multi-award winning afro hair stylist who specialises in natural hair – to find out how you can make sure your afro hair is the best it can be on your wedding day.

Alongside her must-have products for ensuring afro hair is in its best condition ahead of the big day, she also reveals the latest trends when it comes to wedding hairstyles for afro hair.

Top Tips for Wedding Hairstyles for Afro Hair

What steps should you take in the run up to your wedding to make sure your hair is in the best possible condition?

  1. First, start by prepping your hair with deep hydrating conditioning treatments – both in salon and at home – at least six months before the wedding so that it’s in tip-top condition for your big day.
  2. Don’t have any major colour or chemical  treatment appointments too close to the wedding day. It is not the best time to try a dramatic new chemical treatment that will severely alter the health of your hair and experimenting should be done with a huge window of time so can you change what you don’t like.
  3. Try out lots of different styles at your hair trial and take photos so you can look back and choose your favourite.
  4. Trim every six weeks to maintain your style and keep ends healthy leading up to your big day.

bride with afro wedding up do

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Which three hair products can you not live without?

CM Manketti Hair Oil – Infused with sustainably sourced Vitamin E rich Manketti Nut Oils, this luxurious hair oil nourishes and conditions the hair whilst restoring glossy smooth strands from roots to tip and can be used on damp or dry hair.

CM Manketti Oil Finishing Mist – Formulated to protect hair from heat damage and humidity and enriched with a blend of natural oils perfect for repairing and moisturising, this creates a stunning shiny finish.

CM Manketti Oil Conditioner – Designed for dry dull hair types this conditioner perfectly restores hair moisture and protects from dehydration.

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What would you say is the most popular wedding hairstyle for afro hair right now?

Brides are opting for more effortless looks. A lot of the wedding styles will be all about texture. Bridal hair is changing; it’s more and more cool girl styles and we are moving away from fixed curls and a heavily sprayed look. Natural and a bit more undone is the new chic.

bride with natural afro wedding hair

What is best for combatting dry hair?

The best way to combatting dry hair is to steam treat. Steam treatments allow water and conditioner to deep penetrate the hair shaft.
Regular trims every six weeks to maintain your style and keep ends healthy and wrapping the hair with a silk scarf at night is a must.
Massaging the scalp with oils; this simple practice stimulates the secretion of sebaceous oils and stimulates blood circulation. Finally, moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Most natural hair soaks up moisture like a sponge so moisturise daily with natural oils.

Are there any tips for encouraging hair to grow?

It’s about nurturing the hair from the inside out. It’s important to take care of yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually. Your hair is a direct reflection of yourself and how well you’re nurturing yourself.

Black bride and bridesmaids with natural hair

What does a bride need to consider if she wants a weave for her wedding day?

It is important that you maintain the condition of your natural hair, regardless of texture when wearing weaves. The better the quality of hair the more natural it will look.
Less is best when it comes to the amount of hair used, many women make the mistake of adding too much hair.

A weave is a wonderful way to create a new style as it gives you the opportunity to add length to your natural hair. Weaves help create a variety of styles, stay in place all day long through photos and dancing, and it can be installed to look like the best version of your normal style.

Anything else you’d like to add?

For centuries head wraps have been a consistent feature in the daily living of African women.  South African women have been known to culturally wear head wraps as an outward sign that they are married.

Bride with african hair wrap

Perhaps this is something you’d like to consider as a twist on the many wedding hairstyles for afro hair you have considered? Or it could be a cool way to change up your wedding day look for the evening party.

If you’re thinking about getting wedding-ready and feel more clued up on wedding hairstyles for afro hair, make sure you read our bridal beauty countdown so you know where to start and when!

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