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Wedding Perfumes: 9 Beautiful Fragrances for Your Special Day

Wedding perfumes are an incredibly important part of your big day, as the experts at Jo Malone say “it all begins with scent”.

You’ll have been given endless tips for wedding dress shopping and you’ve probably ticked off most of your wedding planning checklist by now but don’t forget to allow time to choose the perfect scent.


Like everything for your big day, your wedding perfume should be special, unique to you, your journey as a couple and the future steps you are about to take.

Best wedding perfumes
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Particular smells have the ability to make you feel a certain way, they hold the ability to bring a memory back to the forefront of your mind. It has been said that the best wedding perfumes are those entirely different to anything you have worn before, they should be a one-time scent for yourself that holds the power to take you back to your wedding day.

Master Perfumer at Roja Parfums explains, “The perfume a bride chooses to wear on her day needs to be a completely new discovery – something that has never been worn before and so has no relation to any memory or feeling that has gone before”.

We’ve put together a list of fragrances that will help you capture your special day in a beautiful way.

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Beautiful Wedding Perfumes for Every Bride

Estee Lauder – Beautiful Belle

Throwing tradition to the wind, Estee Lauder has created a fun, flirtatious and daring aroma created with oriental blossoms, orange flower and marzipan musk. Channelling the modern day bride, as the chapters of romance and promise unravel through notes of pear blossom, gardenia and blush suede accord. This alluring scent is addictive, modern and unforgettable.

We love the infinity style lid resembling the traditional wedding ring!

Wedding perfumes


Dior – Joy

Dior has managed to bottle an emotion and package it beautifully.

The perfect embodiment of joy and happiness through the vibrant smell of flowers and citrus fruits. Wedding perfumes offer a platform for a memory to be linked, what more could you want to start your day than a spritz of joy.

Wedding fragrances

Chanel – Coco Mademoiselle

Romantic and fiery, Coco Mademoiselle is both of those things. Characterised by its ambery fragrance and notes of vanilla and patchouli to contrast the fresh scent of citrus, Chanel has produced a scent beautifully representing romance eluding from a bride on her wedding day.

The prime time to apply your wedding perfume is after bathing or showering, as the notes unfold with the heat your body gives off. These skin preparation tips are great to add into your pre-wedding routine.

Gucci – Bloom Nettare di Fiori

The optimum scent for the bride wanting to elude femininity. Gucci has captured notes from chypre floral, rose and osmanthus flower to create a perfume that represents the authentic woman.

Expect the soft scent of flowers to greet you throughout your day, ideal for a spring or summer wedding where fresh scents work perfectly.


Beautiful wedding scent

Hermes – Jour D’Hermes

A classic mix of fresh fruits and citrus mixed with florals and musk to create a gentle summer scent. For the bride wanting a soft classic scent to develop as will their day then Hermes have perfected a scent that does just that.

Givenchy – L’interdit

For the rule-breaking bride, L’interdit masks bold musks with sweet notes. As far as wedding perfumes go, this one holds no boundaries.

Perfectly matching a chic bridal look, a sharp silhouette and fashion-forward choices.

If strong scents are your go to, the bold and unforgiving notes will celebrate your day with you.

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Bridal scent

Creed – Love In White

Luxurious and sophisticated whilst being gentle and clean. The fresh aroma of spring, bottled to create Love in White. Creed is well known for producing quality fragrances with the finest ingredients and what more could you want for your wedding day?

Adding a personalised touch with the choice to engrave the bottle is an ideal gift for the bride-to-be.

Floris – Chypress

Captivating and powerful, Chypress is created by Floris an English family ran fragrance company since 1730. The fragrance is energising as it transforms from night to day.

With orange flower zest that develops into a warm musk, this fragrance is perfect for autumn and winter weddings.

Floris is the fragrance provider to the royals and the only appointed perfumer to the queen- is there any better way to feel like a princess?

Wedding perfumes for brides

Jo Malone

You’ll notice no particular scent has been selected for Jo Malone, simply the brand itself. The ultimate wedding scent is carefully selected to perfectly complement each contributing factor.

From the bride’s perfume to the groom’s selected aftershave and the aroma of your venue, Jo Malone has everything you’ll need for a day to remember along with a tip to get you on your way.

“From the venue to the season, to the style of your dress. Planning a sun-filled celebration? Complement the weather with a delicious bite of something fruity. Escaping to the countryside? Embrace the great outdoors with a combination of blooming florals. A wintry bash is the perfect setting for something warming and mysterious.”

Jo Malone bridal perfume

Matching your bridal bouquet to your selected wedding perfume ensures that the scents work effortlessly together and the scents don’t clash.

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