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Winter Wedding Makeup Trends

Confetti’s hair, makeup and skincare expert Camilla J Collins investigates winter wedding make-up trends and gives you tips on getting the latest on-trend looks.


The key looks as we push through winter into spring are contoured cheekbones, defined brows, long lashes, bold lips and smoky sultry eyes.

Contoured cheekbones

For cheekbones to rival Kim Kardashian opt for some clever contouring. There is a range of specific contouring products out there, but contouring can be done simply using dark and light concealers and basic foundations. If you don’t have a contouring palette you can shade with bronzers. The key is to blend well. Swipe a little of your bronzer under your cheekbones and blend up into the hairline. Then dab some contouring on your temples and blend upwards to the sides of the forehead and into the hairline. This will give your face more depth and really bring out your features. A highlighting product can be placed on the cheekbones and gently patted in to give you a real glow and even more depth to where you have shaded.

Defined brows

Big brows as popularised by in vogue models such as Cara Delevingne are here to stay, and you’ll want to make a statement with your brows too. Fleck an eye shadow through the brow with a fine angled brush, mimicking the hair movement to build density and shape naturally. This could also be done with a pencil, but be careful not to be too heavy handed! Use a mushroom colour for blondes, and light and dark brown for brunettes. For redheads I sometimes use a redder and more brick-like colour.

Long lashes

A key seasonal trend this winter is luscious long lashes. However, if like me, you are allergic to semi-permanent lash extensions, then you’ll need a reliable alternative: fibre and gel mascaras. Tropic skin care has a fabulous Lash Extension Kit in their makeup range. It goes on just like mascara, building length and fullness each time. The fibers can be carefully placed on the end of the lashes and not on the root to create length without the thickness so really it’s up to you what sort of look you want to go for.  Priced at £25 and with two normal mascara-sized products it’ll last you much longer that your normal mascara and even beats the price of lash extension in-fills.

Bold lips

Another hit this winter, if you’re brave enough, is berry /wine stained lips.  Make sure you apply a lip liner to stop any bleed, pack your lipstick on and blot, blot, blot. If you’re not brave enough for this, I always think a pale glossy lip with matte skin looks lovely too.  Or even use a sugar pink matte lipstick with just a little sweeping pink on the apples of your cheeks to give you a girly glow.

Smokey eyes

Big on the catwalk was the winged, feline eyeliner.  Now, this takes practice, but I promise you will get there.  If you’re not so steady with a liquid liner then go in gently with a kohl pencil to get the right angle and then put liquid liner over the top.  There is always the easier and still most effective option of keeping it at just the kohl and slightly smudged to blend into your smoky eyes. And last but not least, the party season may be over, but that doesn’t meet we can’t still glam up.  Those metallic eye shadows still look fabulous and really make a statement – so wear them with pride!

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