Your Guide to Mineral Makeup by Pure Hart Cosmetics

Did you know that around 60% of what we apply to our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream? Make a conscious decision to treat your skin to all natural ingredients for a healthier you!


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Mineral make-up, in its purest form, is make-up that comes directly from the minerals of the earth – but it isn’t just the minerals that are used that make the make-up unique. The process that finely grounds the minerals is just as important, because it gives it the light, airy feel that leads to amazing cover that won’t clog your pores!

Mineral make-up comes in a variety of forms including: foundations, blushers, bronzers, eye shadows, lipsticks, lip gloss, lip pencils and mascaras, so there is a type of make-up to suit everybody’s tastes.

The ingredients in genuine mineral make-up come from nature and are free from preservatives, artificial colours, talc, oil and other skin irritants such as parabens. It contains minerals such as iron oxides and titanium dioxide, which benefit the skin, meaning that you can even sleep in it – even though we do not recommend that!

Mineral cosmetics are great for people with problematic skin like rosacea, acne, eczema or who have just undergone surgery, because they contain anti-inflammatory elements. The natural ingredients are gentle, plus the make-up is less likely to become contaminated as it doesn’t support bacteria like other make-up.

Mineral cosmetics are also often recommended by dermatologists because titanium dioxide and zinc oxide provide natural sun protection, which helps protect the skin from cancer and ageing.

Some make-up ingredients to avoid:

Bismuth Oxycholide – a by-product of refined lead and copper used as a cheap filler by many make-up companies. It can irritate the skin.
Nanosized Titanium Dioxide or Nanosized Particles – although they are safe to use on the skin, they are not small enough to be absorbed into the skin. So when companies use nano-technology to break down these particles, they become small enough to be absorbed into the bloodstream and can become toxic and pathogenic.
Trisodium EDTA – a non-natural preservative that includes parabens.
Talc – a non-natural cheap filler
Manganese Violet – a non-natural pigment certified to be used in cosmetics.

For more on natural mineral makeup see Pure Hart Cosmetics.

Kay Hart of Pure Hart Cosmetics was inspired to work in the make-up industry by her Mum. Dedicating her time to research on chemical ingredients of the standard cosmetics, she came to discover the benefits of mineral makeup, and started her own company offering 100% pure makeup. Hart Cosmetics has a fabulous range of 100% Pure Mineral make-up, 25 foundation shades, a good selection of bronzers and blushes, over 30 eye shadows, organic mascara, lipstick and lip gloss, natural eye pencils, concealers and a beautiful selection of shimmering body dust ideal for brides. 

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