Bridal Relaxation

Chilling Out the Natural Way

Keeping calm, cool and collected during the months, weeks and days before your wedding can be a challenge, but scheduling time for rest and relaxation is an important part of your to-do list. Stay unruffled and you’ll be happier with yourself and most importantly, all blissed-out on the big day!

Bridal Relaxation


Smell of success

Aromatherapy is the use of fragrant essential oils as a treatment in alternative medicine to relieve tension and cure certain minor ailments. Because of its growing popularity, aromatherapy products are easy to come by – making it one of the most effective ways to chill out fast. Here are a few ideas to introduce aromatherapy into your daily routine:


Lavender is widely recognised for its subtle flowery scent, but did you know it’s also known to cure insomnia, depression, nervous stomach and stress headaches? A warm bath sprinkled with lavender oil is perfect during an evening alone when you have the chance to spend some quality time by yourself.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, tuck a lavender aromatherapy pillow under your pillow before you go to bed. If you’re plagued with horrible cramps, some types can be warmed in the microwave and placed on your abdomen for soothing relief.


Vanilla has been used for centuries as a remedy for respiratory pain and stomach ailments, but Europeans discovered its abilities to cure nervousness and hysteria, as well as stimulate the sexual propensities and help with weight loss! Its strong associations with comfort food also add to its mood lifting properties.

Ylang ylang

Ylang ylang literally means flower of flowers in its native Malaysia, and was originally used in salve-form to treat snake and insect bites. It is used today to create floral perfumes with its sweet and flowery blossoms. As an essential oil, it’s warming, intoxicating and an aphrodisiac, with a proven ability to relax, uplift and instill a general sense of wellbeing in its users.

Relaxation exercises

There are a number of simple exercises that can help calm you and help keep stress levels to a minimum. The most popular exercises are based on age-old meditation techniques that focus on the breath.

The following exercise is a simple relaxation technique that can help develop a still feeling — perfect when you need a planning break.

Sit in a firm chair or lie on the floor in a comfortable position.
Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Let your breath be slow and relaxed.
Focus all you attention on your breathing. Turn your attention to the rise and fall of your abdomen. Concentrate on the cool air you breathe in and the warm air you breathe out.
If you feel your attention wander away, bring it back gently and focus on your breathing.
As you inhale, imagine your body filling up with golden light that calms and relaxes you.
As you exhale, imagine you are breathing out dark smoke that represents all your stress and anxiety. Continue this until you feel peaceful.
When you are ready, slowly begin to move your body, open your eyes and congratulate yourself for taking the time to relax..

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