Coronavirus and your wedding

Coronavirus: How to Minimise the Risk On Your Wedding Day

If your wedding is just around the corner and you are feeling the pressure to address the issue of coronavirus and your upcoming social event, then there are a few things you can do to help increase your guests’ safety and to minimise the risk. From plenty of hand-gel to changing the way your greet your wedding guests, there are plenty of little changes that won’t drastically change your big day.

Avoiding Kissing Every Single Guest Hello

It’s a shame but even the shortest of saliva swaps with your wedding guests could be a sure fire way to spread more than just the love around your nearest and dearest. You can still greet your guests warmly and happily without going in for the kiss.


Still Kiss the Bride…Or Groom

We are contradicting ourselves a little here but bear with us, the one kiss we think is most definitely ok is the one you have with your other half as you say I do. If you already live together, sleep next to each other and eat together then we think that all important kiss won’t be increasing your risk factor.

Ensure Your Venue Has Plenty of Hand Soap

You want to feel confident that your 100+ guests will still be able to do regular and thorough hand-washing, so make sure your venue understands your need for well stocked bathrooms.

Supply Anti-Bacterial Gel

If you can get your hands on some then a supply of anti-bacterial gel near food stations or in bathrooms would be an extra help to keep your guests germ-free.

Be Understanding If Guests Need to Cancel

It’s a tough one but if you can accept that some guests will need to cancel – due to sick loved ones, an inability to travel or self-isolation – then you will have a happier wedding day. It’s sad but it’s also unavoidable. Consider setting up a live stream of your vows if you have a few special guests who won’t be able to make it.

Allow Space For Social Distancing

Whether it’s more outside space or clearing some extra reception tables to allow more room for mingling, speak to your venue about how you can create plenty of space for your guests to share.

If you are still feeling unsure about Coronavirus and your wedding then read our guide of everything 2020 wedding couples need to know about Covid-19.

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