Drop a Dress Size – Top 5 Expert Tips

How to lose weight for your wedding day. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone.  We’re gonna let you into the real secrets of weightloss. Here are our top five secrets (they really work) to fitting into your dream dress.

drop a dress size


1. Start with the end in mind
Do you have a final goal? Set a specific and measureable target, and have a set time frame, for example, ‘I want to lose one dress size in five weeks and three dress sizes in six months.’ With many of my clients, we write these down on a ‘weight loss contract’ and we both sign it. Then I get my client to ask someone close to them to countersign the contract, further reinforcing personal responsibility.

2. Take photos
Before and after photos make a great motivational tool and by retaking them you will see the inches drop off before your eyes. Retake every two to four weeks. You could also try buying a dress in the size you want to be. Once you do finally fit into your dream dress size, the sense of achievement will be huge.

3. Nutrition
Try and stick to meat, fish, nuts, eggs, and fruit and veg. This eliminates all the sugar and starchy carbohydrates from your diet. Starches and sugars spike your blood sugar, and hormonal effects caused by insulin encourage your body to store more calories as body fat. Proteins and fats have little or no effect on this hormonal mechanism. They also make you feel fuller and stop your hunger pangs.

4. Lift weights
The number‐one training stimulus when seeking body‐fat loss is weight lifting. Training with weights elevates your RMR (resting metabolic rate). For every pound of lean muscle ‘tone’ you develop, your body expends an extra 50 calories. By using my Metabolic Weight Training plan, I help my clients develop a leaner body. By developing just an extra 5lb of lean muscle ‘tone’, that’s an extra 250 calories burned every day, just to sustain the extra muscle ‘tone’. This is extra calories on top of what you burn during and after sessions. But don’t worry, you won’t get bulky – women don’t have the right hormonal balance to build much muscle mass.

5.. Integrate interval cardio into your routine
Interval training not only burns calories during the session, the real magic is that they also significantly elevate EPOC (exercise post oxygen consumption). This is the calories burned after the training session has finished. Running at a constant speed for longer periods doesn’t affect EPOC; working for a shorter time period but at a higher intensity does this for many hours. I get my clients to jog for one minute and then run/sprint for 30 seconds, repeating ten to 15 times.

Stick to the above and it will help make your wedding day everything you always hoped for.

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