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What’s the best way to keep motivated when starting to exercise? Working in the fitness industry, Lucy Buchan often witnesses people’s motivation starting to dwindle as they get further into their bridal weight-loss and fitness regime. Here she gives Confetti’s brides-to-be a few tips on how to hang in there until the big day.

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Lucy Buchan

When you embark on a new healthy eating and fitness plan, you are (usually) raring to go, full of enthusiasm and feel as though nothing is going to get between you and the treadmill.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and you may find yourself getting into difficulty. Have I bitten off more than I can chew? Is this something I’m really serious about achieving? Why am I doing this? What’s on the telly tonight? The list of questions you may ask yourself is endless and very common. You are not alone. I am a bride-to-be myself so I can relate to all of the women out there, on what seems like the mission of a lifetime.

Some of the most effective ways of staying motivated throughout the lead-up to your wedding are the most simple. No need to draft in the local hypnotist yet! I have a few suggestions for you to try:

1. Dig out an old photo of yourself that you really like and that is close to what you’re aiming for in terms of appearance/body shape, aka ‘your goal’. Keep this photo close to you at all times and if you ever feel like giving up or indulging in something you know you shouldn’t, get it out and remind yourself of what you’re trying to achieve.

2. Keep a food diary. This may sound like a bit of a palaver but trust me, it works. The best way to do this is to keep a little note pad in your handbag so it’s easily accessible, and either update it throughout the day or fill it in at the end of each day. Doing this will allow you to stay on track and will put you off ‘cheating’ because you know you’ll have to record it. Also, looking back through your diary and seeing how far you’ve come will spur you on to continue.

3. Get a fitness buddy. If your fiancé also wants to get in shape for the big day, do it together. Working as a team will enable you to help and motivate each other along the way. An instant training buddy -perfect. Also, rewarding one another after a particularly fantastic week will add fuel to the fire and make you want to keep going. It could be a bunch of flowers or a trip to the cinema, anything! (within reason of course, a whole box of chocolates wouldn’t be ideal!)

4. Have a ‘treat’ day. Allow yourself to have a ‘treat’ day. We’re all human and we all want to indulge in the finer things in life from time to time. A glass of wine, a piece of cake or a nice meal out; none of these things are going to do harm, as long as they are enjoyed in moderation. That’s why I suggest having one day a week when you can treat yourself to a little bit of what you fancy. My only advice would be to do this on a day that you train or engage in some form of physical activity.

Obviously these are only a couple of suggestions, but there really is no limit to the way in which you can motivate yourself.  Everybody is different so different people will be motivated by different things. Freestyle, make up your own!

I wish you all the best of luck and just remember, your wedding photos will be with you for the rest of your life. Let’s not be haunted by them but proud to show them off. After all your hard work, they’re like your trophy!

Lucy Buchan is an experienced personal trainer and a specialist in boot camp and bridal weight loss.

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