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How To Improve Your Lifestyle Without All The Stress!

Should, should, should – it’s all about should. Should – eat less chocolate, eat more salad, drink less wine, drink more water, avoid the stairs, take the elevator, get off the couch, get on the treadmill…  When we decide to make a lifestyle change, it’s all too much at once. From one day to the next, we are suddenly expected to eat differently and exercise more and, like all abrupt changes, it only lasts for about three days before we begin feeling overwhelmed and under-resourced.

My Special K Bride


One of the top reasons brides lose motivation when they decide to become a healthier, more energetic version of themselves for their big day and beyond, is that they take on too much, too soon. They fill their heads with ‘shoulds’ –‘shoulds’ that equate to pressure, stress and guilt which eventually lead to boredom, and finally defeat.

To really succeed at turning your life around, you need to lose these ‘shoulds’ and the pressures and anxieties that come with them, and gain the benefit of doing it right!

My Special K Bride

You may want to drop a few pounds before your special day, or to tone up and feel great before you slip into your sexy honeymoon bikini, but to succeed and to benefit from your new lifestyle change you need to think about your big day and beyond – a change in lifestyle rather than a quick fix before reverting back to your previous lethargic and self-conscious self. Gain the tools you’ll need to become a healthy, positive, confident woman for the rest of your life.

My Special K Bride

It is only natural to focus on what you want to lose – this many inches, this many pounds, this many stone… the numbers are a bit daunting to some. It’s far more positive to thing forward, and to focus on the gain – that incredibly rewarding “wow” feeling of being on your way to accomplishing your personal weight goal. Fab, glowing, beautiful – this is what you’ll gain when you focus on the results, not on the numbers to lose.

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