Postponing Your Period for the Big Day

When you sat down to plan your dream day, did you see yourself having to worry about your period? Probably not, but if you are considering postponing your period for your wedding day and honeymoon, here is some of the latest medical information to help you.



According to, period delay is amongst the most common topics that people approach them about; the information below was taken directly from their period delay section and is well worth a read:

‘There are two main ways to do this, the most common of these requires you to be on the pill. When taking an oral contraceptive like Yasmin, one that contains both oestrogen and progestogen, you can take two calendar packs back-to-back rather than stopping for the usual seven day break.

For women who are not using an oral contraceptive, Norethisterone can be taken three times daily to effectively postpone a period. It is a medicine that is used in birth control pills to hold back a withdrawal bleed until you are ready for your cycle to begin again.’

It specifies the length of time with Norethisterone withholding your bleeding for up to two weeks, and with the back-to-back contraceptive method withholding your period for three weeks. This can be helpful to know and if, for example, you want to remain protected for a three week honeymoon, then it is likely to be better for you to choose the contraceptive pill option.

The NHS is another excellent source of information which does suggest: ‘There is no guaranteed way of doing this’, but goes on to mention the same treatments as those recommended above, adding that ‘Taking your contraceptive pills in these ways will not affect how they work as contraceptives.’

It is also important to note that, as mentioned by Patient, ‘Norethisterone taken in this way is not a contraceptive.‘ Although it can help you to delay your period, it does not contain the correct hormones – the ones in contraceptives – to prevent a pregnancy. This, again, is something that should be remembered by women that may come to this page. If you are looking for period delay medication, then please do bear in mind the difference between the options that are mentioned. Oral contraceptives, that many women are already using, or have used, are likely to be the common method of period delay, but it is a real help to know that – for women who are not already using these contraceptives – there is another option too.

Whatever your reasons for wishing to delay your period, whether it’s PMS, heavy bleeding (not great in a white dress on your big day!) or a carefree honeymoon, we recommend you consult your GP to discuss the above options. And, if you discover you are unable to take any of the medications mentioned, don’t worry, just remember you could always wear red.

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