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Pre-Wedding Jitters

No wedding day would be complete without pre-wedding jitters or cold feet. You may feel panicked, with a million ‘what ifs’ going through your head. But that’s a perfectly natural thing, so try not to worry about it. 

Bride deep in thought


Having your whole family together for the occasion can cause enough anxiety for anyone. There may be divorced couples, step parents, or even estranged family members all together in one place. This alone can put you on edge. But some brides and grooms just get very anxious about being the centre of attention for a day. This is very understandable if it’s not really the type of person you are.


Family relationships and worries about them are a high cause of wedding day anxiety. What if your family and your partners family don’t get on? Will this effect your own relationship? Your wedding day? Will it affect your children’s relationships with them, should you choose to start a family? You may fear the two sides won’t mix, or worse–that they’ll clash. Try and iron these problems out before your big day to put your mind at rest and have an at least pleasant relationship with them.

Tying the knot

Becoming a wife or a husband can be a daunting task too. For most people, their parents’ marriage is the blueprint for their own. This is all well and good, but if you fear you can’t live up to their expectations or feel their marriage wasn’t everything you want, this can fill you with a whole range of fears and worries about your own wedding.

Wondering Bride

What if everything goes wrong?

In organising any event (at work, for example) you’ll still have some fears about things going wrong. On your wedding day these are magnified–this is the biggest day of your life! What if you trip walking down the aisle? What if the musician doesn’t show up to your ceremony? What if you fall ill on the day? What if the food isn’t right? These are all natural fears, all natural anxiety. Just breathe. Everything will be fine.

Am I marrying the right person?

The big question. But please don’t fear, it’s absolutely natural–that’s why most people wonder about this. The human mind isn’t too fond of change and tries to resist it in any form, so before inviting any huge change or commitment into your life you’ll always stop and wonder if you’re making the right decision. That’s why they call it a leap of faith. You trust your partner…so trust in that you love each other too. Remember why you’re getting married: you are hopelessly, crazily in love.

Happy Couple Embracing


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