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How to Keep Calm Whilst Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding can be a stressful experience – even without a global pandemic putting plans on hold. In this scary and uncertain time, where weddings are being cancelled due to coronavirus and things aren’t going to plan, you can easily feel anxious.

We asked Anna Wood, owner of Anna Wood Bridal Boutique and bridal coach and mindset therapist, to share her top tips on staying calm and confident when your wedding has been put on hold.


Anna Wood Bridal Coach

1) Breathe

If in doubt, breathe! When things feel like they are getting too much for you or you’re overwhelmed, remember to take a breath.

Breathing changes our physiology and it can calm our thoughts. Breathe in for a count of four, hold it for four and breathe out for four.

And Breathe calm sign

Concentrate on your breathing pattern and do this sequence a few times until you feel calmer.

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2) Focus

Focus on the things that are within your control; things that you can change! Energy flows where focus goes. Our brains are constantly being bombarded with information – around 11 million pieces of information per second! That’s way more than our brains can cope with; in fact our brains can only process 126 pieces of information per second.

What we pay attention to is dictated by several things – our past experiences, our mood, our mindset, etc. So focus your mind on positive experiences, rather than panicking about things outside of your control, and your brain will select that information.

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3) Think Positively

Think positive thoughts and be kind to yourself. How you talk to yourself is so important! We’re all guilty of saying negative things to ourselves sometimes. Be conscious of the things that you’re saying to yourself, and when you catch yourself saying something negative, flip it.

For example, if you keep thinking: “My wedding is never going to happen,” stop yourself and write down a position version, such as: “I will have my big day and it will be amazing.”

If you keep looking for something to go wrong, you’ll find it.

4) Change Your State

How we hold ourselves is really important. Don’t slouch and frown, as this is the go-to position when you’re feeling down. Sit up or stand with your shoulders back and smile.

It’ll feel weird at first to smile when you might not feel up to it, but you’ll quickly start to feel a difference.

Also – play your favourite power song to perk you up on a day when you’re feeling down. It’ll make a huge difference to your mood!

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5) Be Present

Anxiety tends to stem from thinking about the past (what has gone wrong) and the future (what might go wrong).

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To get present, concentrate on what is happening immediately around you. Focus on what you can see, feel, hear, touch and taste. Combine this with the breathing technique and you’ll feel your anxiety levels come down.

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