Sapphire Engagement Rings: Everything You Need to Know

If you are planning to pop the question and you are looking for something that offers a bit of a twist on a tradition, consider a stunning sapphire engagement ring? Recognised as the birthstone for September, a sapphire ring could be the ideal choice if your partner was born in this month – or if blue happens to be one of their favourite colours. Even without these associations, a sapphire offers many beautiful qualities.

In an engagement ring, a sapphire is believed to represent faithfulness and sincerity – the perfect sentiment for your future together as a married couple. What’s more, if you are looking for a gemstone that’s going to stand the test of the time, the sapphire comes second only to the diamond in terms of its hardness and durability.


While the blue sapphire is perhaps the most widely recognised, sapphires in fact come in an array of colours and have been celebrated throughout history as the stone of royalty.

Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

Certainly the most widely recognised, the blue sapphire can make a truly stunning engagement ring. Often paired with diamonds, the strong, bold colour contrasts perfectly with the diamond’s subtle beauty and can certainly deliver something that will catch the eye and spark conversation. Whether set alone or alongside other gemstones, a blue sapphire makes a beautiful choice. Perhaps one of the most famous sapphire engagement rings is that belonging to the Duchess of Cambridge. The 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire set in 18-karat white gold and surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds, which formerly belonged to Dianna, Princess of Wales, enjoyed a widely celebrated homecoming, when Prince William proposed with it back in 2010.

Vintage Sapphire and White Topaz – £75, CrumpetVillage

This vintage sapphire and white topaz ring is a snip at just £75. This silver ring, set with a central dark blue round cut sapphire and two white topaz stones is beautifully simple and is certain not to break the bank!

Long Cushion Cut Blue Sapphire – £1,876.02 – PristineCustomRings

If you are looking for a sizable rock then this blue sapphire engagement ring does not disappoint! This long cushion cut blue sapphire, surrounded by a halo of diamonds makes a stunning piece.

Oval Blue Sapphire – £2,200 – by Lilia Nash Jewellery

If you are looking for an engagement ring as unique as your bride to be, then this pretty ring could be for you. This one-off piece comprises an oval cut blue sapphire, set in a one of a kind 18ct white gold ring and is both delicate and exquisite.

Sapphire Wrap Ring – £289, Oliver Twist Designs

This simple, classic ring is handmade to order – giving it a really special, personal touch – and it’s affordably priced too! The band is available in sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold or rose gold, so you can get it made to your future bride’s personal taste.

White Gold Diamond and Sapphire Ring – £1,499, Ernest Jones

Set in a cool white gold, this shimmering sapphire is offset perfectly by two sparkling diamonds in this beautifully designed ring  – a classic choice.

Le Vian 14ct Strawberry Gold Sapphire and Diamond Ring – £2,499, Ernest Jones

These beautiful blueberry sapphires with a strawberry gold Le Vian ring certainly make a statement. The flower design offers an unusual setting and the sapphires are perfectly complemented by the glistening diamonds.

White Gold Diamond Sapphire Halo Ring – £1,250, Beaverbrooks

This ring is beautifully simple but it can’t fail to catch your eye. The deep blue sapphire is encased within a halo of glistening diamonds, which shimmer and shine from every angle.

Brilliant Cut Sapphire in White Gold – £320, Goldsmiths

This simple design, featuring a stunning sapphire and diamond detailing makes an elegant, yet highly affordable choice.

Damiani Anima White Gold Aquamarine and Sapphire Ring – £4,020, Goldsmiths

This ring cannot fail to wow your future bride. The clusters of diamonds and sapphires set around an aquamarine stone make for a truly statement piece. Who could refuse this?

Bea Five Stone Ring – $2,100, Anna Sheffield

This ring was designed in celebration of Anna Sheffield’s 10 Year Anniversary. The stunning, five stone ring with sapphire and diamonds is set in a stunning rose gold, to really set off these sparkling gemstones.  

Oval Rosette Ring – $7,900, Anna Sheffield

This inverted blue sapphire with white diamonds is set in 14k white gold and makes for a simple yet stunning ring that anyone would be proud to wear.

White Sapphire

White sapphires are one of the most popular diamond alternatives. Typically less expensive than a diamond, they can be a great option in an engagement ring, particularly if you are restricted to a smaller budget. A white sapphire is likely to be whiter than a diamond, although it’s not deemed quite as sparkly as its more expensive counterpart.  However, if you really want your white sapphire to zing, then why not consider pairing it with a rose gold or yellow gold setting as the contrasting colors will ensure your gem really stands out.  

White Sapphire Engagement Ring – £2,250, William White

This beautiful white sapphire engagement ring in satin finished 18 carat white gold gives you the opportunity to secure something unusual yet stunning. The simply set solitaire stone sparkles beautifully, perfectly complemented by the white gold rub over setting.

White Sapphire Oval Engagement Ring – £1,374.38, Evorden

The classic ring features a beautiful oval cut white sapphire centre stone, which is accompanied by diamond accents, offering a truly unusual, statement piece.

White Sapphire and Diamond Art Deco Engagement Ring – £1,184, Arrdvarkjewellery

This art deco inspired ring features a central white sapphire, set in a gorgeous engraved 1920’s inspired mount, which has been studded with 34 individual diamonds.

Round White Sapphire Cluster Ring – £1,356.78, Capuccine

This cluster ring with a central white sapphire and side diamond accents is so elegant. The yellow gold sets the sapphire off perfectly but if it’s not to your taste, it’s also available in white or rose gold (or platinum for an extra cost).

White Sapphire Engagement Ring – £2,801.86, MinimalVS

This modern white sapphire baguette and diamond ring features a gorgeous, sparkly white sapphire with diamonds on the side – a truly stunning choice.

Pink Sapphire Engagement Rings

Believed to carry good fortune and intense love, the pink sapphire seems the ideal choice for an engagement ring. An increasingly fashionable choice among future brides who are looking for something a little softer and more feminine, the pink sapphire has been enjoying increased popularity. These gems are available in a range of colours from light pink to purplish pinks, orangey pink and almost every shade in between. While deeper hues are typically viewed as more valuable, what’s most important is what will appeal to you/your future bride – so we’d suggest you choose the shade you love the most.

18ct Gold Trinity Bud Ring with Pink Sapphires – £625, Claire Troughton

This beautiful trilogy of three pink sapphires gives this engagement ring a real pop of colour. Inspired by the blossoms of spring beginning to open, the pink sapphires were especially picked for their amazing colour.

Rose Cut Plum Sapphire Twig Statement Ring – £1,350, Brandts Jewellery

Cast from a real twig in 18 carat rose gold, this statement ring features a rose-cut sapphire, which glows and sparkles as you move. The ring is handmade and each stone is a unique shape, meaning your ring would be one of a kind. 

White Gold Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring – £650, Ernest Jones

This vibrant pink created sapphire with diamond set shoulders makes for a real statement piece – while remaining very affordable too.

White Gold Diamond Pink Sapphire Pear Shaped Halo Ring – £1,500, Beaverbrooks

This unusual pink pear shaped sapphire, surrounded by a halo of diamonds catches the light from all angles and would make anyone a stunning engagement ring

Rose Gold and Peach Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring – £4,014.13, EidelPrecious

This is a one of a kind ring featuring an oval cut sapphire. The sapphire changes color from peach to pink and lavender depending on the light and is perfectly complemented by matching peach pink sapphire accents, all set in rose gold. 

Whatever colour sapphire you may choose, the options are vast and varied. From a classic royal blue sapphire surrounded by a diamond halo to an elegant white sapphire baguette or a pretty pear shaped pink sapphire, there is something to suit all tastes and all budgets too. Enjoy perusing some of our favourites – and good luck with the proposal.

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