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100 Years of Wedding Dress Fashion

Wedding dress trends can be slow to move. Our resident wedding dress guru, Lucy, who cut her teeth styling the fashion-forward brides in Oxfordshire, explains that wedding dress trends tend to stick around for ages because the dress is only worn once, there’s not a need for trends to change as quickly as high street fashions.

100 Years of Wedding Dress Fashion | Confetti.co.uk


“On a day-to-day basis, we’re a lot more pernickety about wearing clothing that’s different to everyone else. The other big factor that encourages wedding dress trends to stick around is the hunger for brides to wear a gown that is timeless yet still current. As a result, when wedding dress trends do change, they tend to be smaller changes instead of complete upheavals,” says Lucy.

One thing is sure, whether wedding dresses are changing dramatically or in measured steps, over the last 100 years, we’ve come a long way! We fell in love with this incredible video portraying 100 years of wedding dress fashion from industry leaders, Mode Studios and had to share it with you!

Keep your eye out especially for those sassy flapper styles in the 1920s to the demure emergence of the dainty 1950s bride in stunning white and the big hair, big sleeved 1980s bride about town and everything in between. Take a look:

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