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6 Grooms & Groomsmen Looks We Love

The groom and groomsmen should probably wear some clothes on the wedding day, but what they wear will set a tone for the wedding. These are my favourite groom and groomsmen looks that are so much better than getting married nude.

The Bright Side of Life

The bright side of life |
Image courtesy of Pinterest

I had to start with this one, because of all the thought and planning that clearly went into this. Getting full tailed suits for every colour of the rainbow must be a challenge, but it was definitely worth the effort. This one even got the bridesmaids in on it, the belt, jewellery and flowers match up perfectly with the groomsmen. This was planned out so well and I love it. Even the sunglasses match the outfits; we’ve got our own impressive array of Funky Coloured Sunglasses though.

The Time-Honoured Tradition

Groom And Groomsmen Waiting at Top of Aisle
Courtesy of Eleanor and James’ Real Wedding

While some people out there argue that coats and tails are old fashioned and tired, I respectfully disagree. I mean look at these guys! Aren’t they just the living embodiment of style, class and fanciness? The tail coat, the light trousers and the pale boutonnière, these are groomswear‘s bread and butter.  People don’t have enough respect for the classics, I will always love this groomsmen look.

The Bonnie and Bespoke

Louise and Thomas' Real Scottish Groomsmen |
Image courtesy of Louise and Thomas’ Real Wedding

This look is bitter sweet for me, the kilt makes the groom and his groomsmen look incredibly smart, but fun at the same time. The only problem is that as an Englishman, I cannot wear a kilt. This style is wrapped in about 400 years of history, culture and national pride; I have a huge amount of respect for those who wear their national dress and the kilt is no acceptation. Also, the socks are incredibly woolly and look like they feel so warm and soft…

The Velvet Revolver

The velvet revolver groom look |
Image courtesy of Pinterest

Oh man, I adore velvet; it’s so smooth and feels as good as it looks. Velvet is probably my third favourite fabric, so any suit that is made from this wonderful material is bound to look astounding. This style is so incredibly smooth and plush; it makes the wearer look so soft and approachable. On the wedding day he’ll be hugging a lot of guest, so it’s only polite to feel soft and plush!

The Touch of Tweed

The touch of tweed groomsmen look |
Image courtesy of Pinterest

Velvet may be my third favourite, but tweed is by far my favourite fabric (second place is silk, in case you were wondering) it just takes me back home to the country side! To me it will always be the suit of an outdoorsman who lives in a farmhouse and owns at least 6 chickens. The bloke on the left has the right idea, completing the wealthy farmer look with a delicious pint of bitter. It would look even better if he were drinking it from a Personalised Tankard.

The a Few Good Groomsmen

A few good goomsmen look |
Image courtesy of Pinterest

The military uniform gives the groomsmen a standardised look and makes them look like a unit. While I do really like the dress uniform and the sense of discipline and clean cut, the main reason I love this look is a little bit smaller… Look at the shine on those shoes! Nobody can ever quite get the same shine as a soldier can, I don’t know what they get taught in training, but man! I wish I could polish my shoes that well.

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