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Whether vintage, traditional or modern, your dress serves as a backdrop for the jewellery and accessories you want to wear. Here’s how to pick those special‐occasion extras…

The gloves are off

Why not top off your party finery with a pair of elegant gloves. If you’re wearing a strapless, sleeveless or thin‐strapped dress, gloves that extend over your elbow (opera length) make an elegant accent. Short or cap‐sleeve dresses look great with gloves that come just to your elbow, while wrist‐length gloves make a perfect choice for all lengths of sleeve.


Bag it up

Whether you need a ready supply of make‐up or tissues, or somewhere to stash your keepsakes, a handbag of some sort is essential. The style of bag you choose depends on your outfit. But if you follow the rule of opposites and pair a simple bag with a dramatic dress and an ornate bag with a simple frock, you can’t go too far wrong.

All that glitters

When it comes to jewellery, less is definitely more. Think simple and understated ‐‐ you and your dress are the stars of the show, not your jewellery.

When choosing jewellery, your dress should therefore always be the starting point. If your dress sparkles with crystals, pick jewellery with matching accents. The colour is important, too. Jewellery can give your outfit a real wow factor. So use it to accentuate your best features: eyes, cheekbones, décolletage, neck and hair. If you’re wearing your hair up, for instance, drop earrings give a dramatic touch. For short hair, studs are a great choice. If you’ve decided to leave your long hair loose teamed with a pair of chandelier earrings, don’t over power the effect by adding a necklace on top.

Theme it

Is the event a themed one? Your choice of accessories is an easy way to refer to the theme without having to buy a dress that you may only be able to wear once. A gold wedding anniversary party, say, doesn’t necessarily require a completely gold outfit ‐‐ but a glamorous pair of gold shoes or stunning gold earrings will do the trick.

Keep it simple

If you’ve decided to wear a headpiece, opt for something with classic, clean lines. An ornate dress is best combined with an understated headpiece, while a simple, classically cut dress makes a great foil for a more flamboyant headpiece and dramatic pieces such as a jewelled tiara.

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