Autumn Wedding Trends For the Groom and Groomsmen

With summer well and truly behind us, we look at this season’s wedding trends for gents. We list our top autumn wedding trends for the groom and groomsmen.

Groom and Groomsmen Autumn Wedding Trends |


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Don’t be afraid to add a little pop of colour to brighten your suits.

For this season navy and grey suits are perfect, I know what you’re thinking dull, but don’t be fooled. By adding a touch of colour, whether it’s a yellow, orange or fusicha pink to match the wedding theme, you will instantly transform the gloomy aura of the grey to a fabulous autumnal look.

Experiment with textures and patterns.

Forget paisley or damask, this season it’s all about polka dots and stripes. For a touch of fashion genius, you should alternate between the two patterns. The different styles and patterns will look amazing.  Another tip, if you’re having a winter wedding, ditch the satin tie and go for a knitted woollen tie. Give your bridesmaids matching knitted scarves and you have the perfect winter wedding photograph opportunity.

Personalise yours and your groomsmen’s accessories to make the perfect wedding keepsake.

If you’re struggling to find a gift for your groomsmen, personalised cufflinks or a pocket watch is the perfect wedding gift and wedding keepsake; oh and don’t forget the socks. have socks for all the guys in your group. Remember a fresh pair of socks is a must for the big day, it’s not just the groom that gets cold feet.

Groomsmen, don’t over do it.

Groomsmen, you dont want to over shadow the groom. Although its an honour to be by his side, remember it’s not your day.If the top guy is in a dark grey suit or dark blue suit, you should go for a suit that’s a shade lighter; the contrast between light and dark is extremely eye catching. If you prefer to wear the same shade then forget the blazer. A waistcoat and a tie looks attractive and takes nothing away from the overall style. In fact it just adds to the suave appeal.

Feel great.

When picking your attire remember it’s your big day; you want to look and feel amazing. Wedding pictures are unforgiving, if you feel even the slightest bit uncomfortable the photographer and your wedding guests will capture it.

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