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Choosing your bridesmaids dresses, shoes and accessories can be fun with your best friends. There’s more to it than matching colours and jewellery though. Here are some of our top tips for choosing your bridesmaids dresses and accessories and keeping everyone happy!

Coast clockwise from bottom left:  Amy Shoes | Kylie Crystal Hair Clips | Allure Short Dress | Savannah Maxi Dress


Chooosing your bridesmaids dresses

  • Not sure where to start? Begin by browsing through the beautiful bridesmaids dresses online. This is the best place place to start as you’ll see what’s around and be inspired without having to walk from shop to shop or travel any distance.
  • Take the time to consider the shape of your bridesmaids’ figures before deciding on a particular style. Their dresses should complement your wedding gown, but should also make the most of their individual shape, size and colouring, which may be very different.
  • The colour of their gowns or accessories can be matched to the waistcoats or ties of your best man, ushers, venue and table décor to give a stylishly co-ordinated look. Or for more a less matched look, go for different coloured gowns in the same style or different style gowns in different colours.
  • If you’re planning a themed weddings such as vintage or black-tie you can go wild with outfits to fit your theme. Anyone arranging a summer wedding on a shoestring budget should head for the high street for colourful summer dresses off-the-peg.
  • Accessories might include a wrap or jacket, shoes, jewellery and hair accessories and again colours and styles can be co-ordinated with your own bridal gown, shoes and jewels.

Coast clockwise from left: Posey Maxi Dress | Symphony Short Dress | Caroline Shoe | Beauty Cuff


Debenhams clockwise from left: Debut Light Pink Rose Dress & Detail | Silver Rosebud Corsage Sandals | Gold Rose Front Wristlet | Cream Diamante Flower Bangle

Debenhams from left to right: Debut Light Gold Drape Dress | Debut Four Rose Turquoise Corsage Bandeau Dress | Debut Purple Tiered Bandeau Dress

Whistles top row left to right: Wild Meadow Matilda Dress | Clarabel Lace Maxi Dress | Victoria Lace Dress | Ulrika Beaded Tiered Dress

Whistles bottom row left to right: Precious Circle Stud Earrings | Francine Ballet Shoe | Marianne Purse | Lana Leather Bracelet

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