Wedding Dress by Caroline Castigliano

Caroline Castigliano Interview

World-renowned bridal designer Caroline Castigliano talks about her latest collection of ‘grand silhouettes and sexy, liquid, feminine lines’, shares her inspiration and offers expert advice on how to choose the wedding dress of your dreams.

Wedding Dress by Caroline Castigliano
Above, wedding dress by Caroline Castigliano


How would you describe the Caroline Castigliano style?

Understated chic glamour, magnificently cut. I take great pride in the cut and fit of our gowns.

What makes your boutique different from other retailers?

We are so aware that the purchase of your wedding gown is one of the most important and emotional decisions of a bride’s life so our team are dedicated to offering each and every one of our brides a unique and unmatchable style of welcome. It is our belief that we carry some of the very best designs and our team are committed to ensuring that the experience of our brides should be the second to none. We want each bride to cherish the whole experience for many years to come. Every detail, every aspect of the selection of a gown has been thought through.

What inspires you?

So many women feel insecure about different aspects of themselves. Making women look and feel gorgeous really inspires me. My gowns are designed to accentuate the best features of a woman. I feel it is a great honour that I have been in a position to help make so many brides look so beautiful.

Which one personality or celebrity would you like to design for?

Kate Middleton – she is young, great looking and has a wonderful figure. I feel she is on the verge of really creating a statement in style – I’d like to be a part of that.

What is the most important element when choosing a bridal gown?

The bridal gown is at the very heart of every wedding, it is what every guest remembers. The gown expresses the mood and feel of the day, every gown has a unique personality that says something about the woman who wears it. For one day in her life, the bride should be able to realise her dream look, the  memories and indeed photos of which will last a lifetime.

How long have you been designing wedding dresses?

Over 10 years.

What are your top tips for choosing a wedding dress?

Know the vision you want to create, whether it’s glamorous, traditional, contemporary or romantic and work with an expert who understands design and a woman’s figure to create a great look, be sure when you look in the mirror you feel truly fantastic; your gown should make you smile.

What are the key fabrics in wedding dresses this year?

Wow – difficult question! Lace and exquisite beaded laces as well as georgette.  Floaty fabrics are strong and we are seeing lots of sashes and ribbons in soft tones of velvet and satin. However, duchess satins and organza remain prominent and will always be incredibly popular.

Should a bride shop on her own or bring a friend?

Always have someone with you whose opinion you truly value and trust.

Should a bride wear a dress similar to her usual style or go for something dramatically different?

The bride should go with her dream. Most brides have dreamt of how they would look on their wedding day – fulfil the dream!

What makes your designs so unique?

Each gown is meticulously hand crafted in the UK using the very finest luxury fabrics. There is great heritage in being able to say that a gown is ‘made in England’, and it enables us to watch closely over every detail and every particular of each and every gown. The corsetry and under garments we create are completely unique to Caroline Castigliano, and ensure that each bride has the most exquisite figure. The gown is draped over the foundation of the dress, and the end result is perfection. Every bride wants to look in the mirror and know that she has never looked or felt so incredible.

Veils and accessories – what do you advise?

It totally depends on the bride, the venue and the chosen gown. We carry a wide range of accessories and always find different ways to create the perfect style. A headpiece can totally change the overall look of a gown. A chic but very simple gown can immediately become glamorous with the correctly chosen accessories. I also love earrings and handbags to create stylish looks.

How long before her wedding should the bride shop for her gown?

Many of our brides buy their gown a year before their wedding – they often find that once they have their gown everything else for the wedding will fit around it.

Your new collection all looks fabulous – do you have a particular favourite?

This year I have lots of favourites, I’ve designed a collection that includes everything from grand silhouettes to sexy, liquid and feminine lines – the collection offers the widest choice but all are designed for the ultimate in style.

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