Black Suede Charlotte Mills shoes with rose gold leather detail. Complete with ankle straps and and heart underlays

Charlotte Mills: Luxury Bridal Shoes & Bags

Many brides feel like their wedding day should be conventional and follow certain traditions, but this doesn’t mean you can’t look fantastic! Charlotte Mills combines cutting edge fashion with tradition to create her range of unique, trendy and chic bridal shoes.

Charlotte Mills Luxury Bridal Shoes |


“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe.” This traditional rhyme tells a bride what to wear for good luck in her new married life, and Charlotte Mills has taken this tradition into mind when she started to create her gorgeous collection of luxury bridal shoes. Not only does each of her bridal shoes have the rhyme embossed into the leather sole of the shoe, but the shoes themselves cover all the bases of the saying. A silver sixpence is added to the shoe providing the something old; your brand new (and fabulous) Charlotte Mills are your something new, the insock of the shoe is finished with blue detail. Finally each pair of bridal shoes comes with an envelope to borrow, sending it back to Charlotte with a picture of you on your wedding day wearing the shoes. Examples of other brides’ photos can be seen decorating the adorable boutique.

Charlotte Mills Luxury Bridal Shoes' Sole |

Charlotte Mills’ collection of luxury wedding shoes come in plenty of different styles, so that you can find the perfect shoes for your own personal taste. With 9 different colours, 5 heel types, and 7 shoe styles including glitter and bow, there really is a pair of shoes for any bride. As just a taste here are some of my very favourite handcrafted shoes from Charlotte Mills.

Beck Rose Bow From Charlotte Mills |
Becky Rose Bow
Cindy From Charlotte Mills |
Beatrice Blue From Charlotte Mills |
Beatrice Blue
Belle Ivory From Charlotte Mills |
Belle Ivory
Ana Blue From Charlotte Mills |
Ana Blue

Once you’ve picked out your pair of shoes, complete your bridal outfit with an alluring bridal bag. Whether you want a bag that matches your new shoes or one to contrast and catch the eye, Charlotte Mills’ bridal bags are the perfect accessory for your wedding dress. From the simple, classic clutch bags to a more striking bow bag, one thing is for certain: all of these bags are utterly glamorous.

Carolina Nude Clutch Bag From Charlotte Mills |
Carolina Nude Clutch Bag
Amore Silver From Charlotte Mills |
Amore Silver
Clara Black Clutch Bag From Charlotte Mills |
Clara Black Clutch Bag
Clemmie Red From Charlotte Mills |
Clemmie Red

If you’re a bridesmaid don’t worry, you too can wear a pair of Charlotte Mills! Charlotte Mills’ Ready to Wear collection is her latest addition and offers a range of stunning shoes that would be perfect for both a wedding and a big night out.

Charlotte From Charlotte Mills |
Beck Black Bow From Charlotte Mills |
Beck Black Bow
Beatrice Pink From Charlotte Mills |
Beatrice Pink

For even more drop dead gorgeous bridal shoes, bags or just amazing shoes you can wear anywhere, visit Charlotte Mills now!

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