Choosing a Wedding Suit

When choosing a wedding suit, it is important to decide what style of suit you would like, either formal or casual. Your suit should reflect the tone of your wedding. A casual service in a barn will dictate a different suit than a fancy, urban ceremony in the city.

Menswear the grooms suit by King and Allen |

Formal Attire

These suits give you a classy and refined look, perfect for a traditional or formal wedding. Each of these suits tend to be worn for weddings of different formality and times of the day.


Groom morning suit by Hugh Harris |
Groom morning suits by Hugh Harris

The Morning Suit: The traditional wedding suit, traditionally made up of a morning coat, waist coat and striped trousers. The striped trousers offer a break from the incredibly dark colours of the other formal wear, making the wedding a bit brighter. However as time has moved on people now wear other styles of suit trousers, such as chequered and solid colours.

The most formal of day wear, the morning suit can also be repurposed after the wedding for a race trips or formal meals. This suit is traditionally worn for weddings that occur around midday.

White Tie: Possibly the most formal of attire, the evening dress or white tie, is by far my favourite of the formal options; I have personally always enjoyed the Victorian dress code and will always recommend it for a wedding.

The black tailcoat, the white bow tie and the excuses to wear a top hat, what more could you possibly want from a wedding suit. If your wedding is going to be in the evening and incredibly formal, then this is the suit for you. Just a reminder, as the name suggests this suit should be worn exclusively for an evening wedding.

The Dinner Jacket: Also known as the tuxedo, this suit is less formal than the white tie. This suit is associated primarily with James Bond, so comes with incredibly suave and sophisticated connotations.

Perfect for a black tie wedding, the dinner jacket is the very definition of black tie. Offering more freedom of movement than white tie, this suit will allow you to navigate your reception with ease. This wedding suit is the by far the easiest to hire, due to the popularity of black tie events.

Casual Wear

The casual look offers a level of flexibility and personalisation that formal attire cannot offer, casual wear also boasts impressive manoeuvrability for the groom who wants to be on the move. These options are for the man who does not like to wear suits or doesn’t wear them often.

Casual Boho Groomswear |

Waistcoat and Bowtie: A waistcoat is a staple for the smart casual look; it gives the smart feel of a suit, without the restrictions that come with a suit jacket. By adding a bowtie it pulls away from the more traditional tie or cravat of a three piece suit.

­­Both the waistcoat and bowtie can fit the colour theme of your wedding, giving an additional tier of style and coordination.

Blazer and Trousers: A blazer with a pair of suit trousers creates a two piece suit that does not require a tie. Personally I believe that this looks better when the blazer and trouser colours are mix matched.

This option is appropriate for more weathers and temperatures than the waistcoat, giving more protection from the elements.

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