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Convertible Two in One Wedding Dresses

A growing trend among modern brides is to have not one but two dresses—one for the wedding ceremony, and another for the reception. This allows for the grace and elegance of a classic wedding gown as you say your vows, and a sexy or more casual outfit for the night of dancing that might follow. But not everyone can afford two dresses so, to make things easier, here’s your guide to convertible two in one wedding dresses!

Dress Style 2854 by Demitrios |, dress style 2854 by Demitrios


Bridal Gowns

Style TK2210 by Tara Keely, JLM Couture |, dress style 2210 by Tara Keely via JLM Couture

Most convertible wedding dresses (also called “separates”) follow the style of being a flowing gown that transforms into a cute little cocktail dress by means of removing a detachable skirt. These skirts come in many lengths and styles, so by choosing a convertible wedding dress you’re by no means limiting your choice.

Embrace by Monique Lhuillier - Spring 2013 |, Embrace by Monique Lhuillier

Indeed, most convertible wedding dresses tend to include one shorter and one longer dress, however this isn’t always the case. Some convertible wedding dresses remain long, and some even open up the opportunity to have a three in one dress!

Dress Style 37034 from Madeline Gardner |, dress style 37034 by Madeline Gardner

Convertible wedding dresses aren’t restricted to the “simplest” silhouettes like the ball gown or the A-line—they’re also stunning as mermaid or trumpet gowns. And you can find strap and strapless options! This results in many stunning designs.

Bridesmaid Dresses

Sorella Vita Convertible Bridesmaid Dress - Style 8472 |, Sorella Vita convertible bridesmaid dresses – style 8472

Bridesmaid dresses can follow the same technique as convertible wedding dresses too, by utilising a detachable skirt. However, a more common design is to have one dress with many styles, usually through the use of convertible dress straps. They can be twisted or wrapped into many different styles.

Multi-style Bridesmaid Dresses |, convertible bridesmaid dresses by twobirds Bridesmaid

Not only does this accommodate all manner of tastes and the individual personalities of your bridesmaids, it also gives a lovely variety. Even better, it means the bridesmaid dresses aren’t a one-time wear. There are dresses out there that give up to a dozen different styles!

Convertible multi style bridesmaid dressesAbove, top to bottom: twobirds convertible bridesmaid dresses | Little Twist Dress by Dessy

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