Cravats Versus Bow Ties

Picking out your wedding suit is incredibly important; carefully consider every aspect of your ensemble to ensure you look your best on the day. Once you’ve chosen your colour, style and fabric, it’s time to choose your neckwear. What’s it going to be? Cravats versus bow ties?

Bow Ties – Just What the Doctor Ordered

Dr Who's Sweet Bow Tie |
Dr Who Courtesy of Pinterest

Until about 2010 bow ties had been reserved for black tie events and physics professors, but now it has become very stylish and swish. The bow tie is no longer tied to the tuxedo; you can now wear it with anything you like! Take a page from Doctor Who’s book – a bow tie is now suitable attire for any occasion.


Wedding Suit and Bow Tie |
Image courtesy of Stephen Bishop

Although bow ties for made for black tie affairs, they don’t have to be stuffy and poncey! Opt for a more casual and chilled look; add some flair with your dickie bow! Spice up your outfit with a colourful bow tie, maybe even some polka dots if you’re feeling crazy! Just ensure that it fits into your wedding theme.

Don’t know how to tie a bow tie? No problem! Check out this Youtube video:

Of course, if you’re all thumbs and just can’t manage; you could always opt for a pre-tied bow tie. The downside? You’ll not be able to rock that super cool, untied tie look. Unless you kept a spare untied bow tie in your pocket. Hey, we’re not here to judge…

Cravats – Neckwear for Distinguished Gentlemen

Ruche Cravats Versus Bow Ties |
Image courtesy of Stephen Bishop

Cravats are extremely formal and traditional; they make a marvellous alternative to a standard tie and helps the wearer stand out in wedding photos. The cravat is sure to make the groom look extremely elegant and fancy. People often say that the cravat should be worn with a wing tip collared shirt, this is completely your choice, but this collar suits cravats to a T.

There are two main ways for a cravat to be tied, the traditional and the ruche. The traditional has the end falling over the knot and cascading down like a waterfall, held in place with a cravat pin. The ruche is incredibly similar to the traditional, but this time the end is under the knot allowing the knot to be seen. Not sure what we’re on about? Watch this video & you’ll be tying a cravat like a pro in no time:

Laid Back and Tie-Less

No Tie |
Image courtesy of Pinterest

You’re getting married. It’s a pretty big deal. But you want to make sure your day is a reflection of who you are, too. There’s no reason that you have to ear a cravat, a bow tie or a neck tie on your big day. Feel the freedom and go tie-less. No tie is the most relaxed option for neckwear and suitable for those laidback weddings. It’s the option typically sported by grooms tying the knot on a beach, but could work equally well down the registrar’s office when paired with the right outfit.

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