Dos and Dont’s of shopping in the Indian subcontinent

If this is your first shopping trip to South Asia, there are some important points you need to consider…


  • Try a google search for bridal shops and designers in the cities you’re planning to visit, reading relevant magazines and word of mouth recommendations.
  • Remember that alterations take longer than planned. Tell the tailor that you’ll pick the outfits a day or two before you actually need them. This will ensure that they’ll be ready on time.
  • When buying accessories, remember to carry your outfit with you to ensure that the colours match exactly.
  • If you’re buying precious jewels or metals, go to a well‐known jeweller as tourists are often duped with fakes.


  • Hesitate to ask for alterations to your outfit. The stores expect this and it is worth being assertive to ensure that you get a perfect fit and finishing.
  • Go to too many shops at once because the sales assistants in each store will bring out dozens of bridal outfits and it will become confusing.
  • Pay for your custom‐made outfit in full until it is ready and delivered.
  • Bargain in up‐market boutiques and departmental stores.
  • Leave it till just before your flight to pick up your garments from the tailor or shop. You won’t have time to get any further alterations in case you’re not happy with it.


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