Glasses For The Groom

Karen Louise from Bridal Eyewear by Karen Louise gives you her expert advice on what you should do if your Groom wears glasses.

Bride and Groom in Bridal Eyewear by Karen Louise

You have your dress, tiara, jewellery and have organised every detail of your big day. You’ve even decided what your groom will be wearing, but what if he wears glasses? You may feel that this isn’t important; you may think “what’s wrong if he wears the same pair? This is who he is”, but there are a few technical issues you need to think about.

Let’s talk technical

The groom will be next to you in the photos, if he’s wearing lenses that change in direct sunlight or don’t have a good anti-reflection coating then your photos may not turn out as you had expected and this won’t be the photographers fault.

Transitions lenses are fantastic, but let’s leave them for your honeymoon; the last thing you want is a groom or someone from the wedding party looking like they’re wearing sunglasses. The lenses react to UV light, so even on a cloudy day the lens will change to a dark grey or brown colour; and if you’ve had your glasses a while, then they don’t always turn clear even when you’re indoors. So avoid lenses that change in the sun.

The other consideration is a good anti-reflection coating (AR). Not only is this option aesthetically pleasing but will also allow your partner to see clearly and reduce any light reflecting from the surface. A good quality coating is guaranteed to last for 2 years

Wedding guests in Bridal Eyewear by Karen Louise

For those wearing glasses during the speech, the last thing they want is to be messing around with their reading glasses. Reading their notes and focusing on the guests can seem like a juggling act. This is why on reflection varifocal lenses would be the best option. With three lenses in one not only will they be able to see their notes, but also their guests and their reactions. One less thing to think about especially if they’re a little nervous.

Wedding guest in Bridal Eyewear by Karen Louise
Make sure you give plenty of thought to this, as the right choice of glasses can enhance your day, but if neglected could leave you disappointed with the end result.

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