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Fashion for the Groom

What will you wear to your wedding – top hat and tails, casual lounge suit, military uniform or traditional kilt? Your wedding style and theme should guide your choice, as will your personal style, and your bride is likely to have an opinion too! Here is the latest word on menswear for today’s grooms.

Fashion for the groom with black and gold opulance sign |
Groom with black and gold opulence sign by

Style Choices for the Groom

There are just three main aspects to consider when deciding what to wear on your wedding day:


1. Your suit should fit your wedding style or theme

If you and your bride are planning a formal, monochrome, city style wedding, then black tie will fit. If, on the other hand, you are planning a colourful, casual country style wedding, then a more informal suit will fit the occasion far better. A bespoke, made to measure suit will be extra special as not only will it be made to measure but you can play a part in designing the whole style suit yourself, and you’ll get to wear it for years to come.

Morning suits for the groom by Hugh Harris |
Morning suits for the groom by Hugh Harris

Choose from: morning suit, lounge suit, frock coat, evening suit, modern informal menswear or traditional outfit such as Scottish kilt or military uniform.

Lounge suits for the groom by Hugh Harris |
Lounge suits for the groom by Hugh Harris

A morning suit is still a popular choice for a formal wedding and can be a flattering style for all. A contemporary or retro suit will look more fitting at an informal wedding. Whatever you wear should coordinate with your bride’s style and with your best man and ushers.

Bride and groom style at Precious and Jerald's Real Wedding |
Bride and groom style at Precious and Jerald’s Real Wedding

2.  Accessorise the suit

Add a waistcoat and tie or cravat, handkerchief and buttonhole, and if you’re wearing morning suit, consider adding a top hat to complete the look. Wear shoes to go with the style of suit and you could even wear ‘Groom’ socks! Make sure you’re not late by adding a stylish new pocket watch.

Ties for the groom by Hugh Harris |
Ties for the groom by Hugh Harris
Groom accessories at the Confetti Shop |
Clockwise: Pocket watch, moustache hip flask, groom cufflinks, groom chair banner, groom socks, all at

3. Make sure you stand out

If you’re the groom you will want to stand out from the rest of the groomsmen. Wearing a waistcoat in a different colour to the best man and ushers is one way to ensure you stand out as the groom.

Punk groom style by Fabulous Wedding Photography |
Punk groom style. Photo by Anthony Gould-Davies at Fabulous Wedding Photography

If your bride is wearing ivory then consider wearing an ivory waistcoat or an ivory tie while your best man and ushers wear another neutral colour to match each other.

Waistcoats for the groom by Hugh Harris |
Waistcoats for the groom by Hugh Harris

If you’re not wearing a  waistcoat, consider having a tie and handkerchief  to match your bride’s dress and buttonhole to match her bouquet. And if you’re wearing a kilt, you already stand out. Just make sure your tartan or accessories are different to any others.

Traditional Scottish kilts for the groom by Slaters |
Traditional Scottish kilts for the groom by Slaters

Buy, Hire or Made to Measure

Your beautiful bride gets to keep her dress so why shouldn’t you get to keep your suit too? If you have the budget and would like to keep your suit to wear after the wedding then you should either buy off the peg, or have a suit made to measure. If your budget is tight however, and particularly if you are planning to wear a morning suit and would like to co-ordinate with the rest of your groomsmen then you should hire.

Modern menswear for the groom by Burtons|
Modern menswear for the groom by Burtons

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