Bridesmaid Gift Bracelet from Confetti Shop

Gorgeous Jewellery For Your Bridesmaids

Don’t know what to buy as ‘thank you’ gifts for the bridal party? It’s easy – jewellery is the perfect pressie to give your bridesmaids. Pretty, sparkling, stylish and useful, they’ll wear it on your big day and after, and keep it as a treasured memento of your friendship always. 

Bridesmaid Gift Bracelet from Confetti Shop


Bridesmaid bracelet at the Confetti shop

Diamonds and pearls

Jewellery by Disgraceful Grace

Jewellery by Disgraceful Grace

Pearls and crystals can be just as lovely as diamonds and gems, so don’t feel you have to spend a small fortune, especially if you have a lot of bridesmaids to buy for. Silver is just as pretty and sparkly as gold and pearls are a bridal classic! Pearls are timeless and glamorous, and would fit particularly well with a classic or vintage themed wedding.

Colour and light

Bridesmaid Jewellery by Debbie Graham

Coloured bridesmaid jewellery by Debbie Graham

With a rainbow of colours to choose from, add interest to your bridesmaids with a brighter, darker or lighter shade to their gown. An accent colour or complementary shade will work wonders in bringing out the colour of their overall outfit. For instance, you could accessorise bridesmaids wearing blush pink gowns with rich and vibrant magenta pink jewellery. A midnight blue gown could be accessorised with a pale, baby blue gem or crystal, pearl or even moonstone.

If you want to be a little more daring then mix clashing colours together for great effect – purple and orange look amazingly dramatic together and when using such a tiny splash of colour in jewellery it’s easy to make a statement without going over the top. Green and blue or red and pink work well you mix a light with a dark or a bright with a dull shade. If you prefer to play it safe then go for neutral colours and simple silver or gold, crystal or pearls.

Contemporary styles

Contemporary Jewellery

Images courtesy of, left: Individjewel, right: Darling Jewellery

If your style is modern, go for something shiny and new with a 21st century look.

Bespoke jewellery

For brides who want something extra special, consider a bespoke jewellery making service where you can work with a designer to create your own jewellery for your bridesmaids, and for yourself too. Companies such as Individjewel, Debbie Graham Jewellery, and Sarah Roberts specialise in making jewellery according to your wishes and requirements.

Vintage jewellery

Vintage Style Jewellery by Rebecca May

Vintage style hair accessories by Rebecca May

Vintage style weddings demand vintage jewellery, whether it’s original or newly made in a vintage style. Accessorise your bridesmaids outfits with gorgeous opulent Victorian or amazing 1920s Art Deco pieces to add a bold statement to a vintage theme.

Jewellery sets

Emily Bridesmaid Set by Darling Jewellery

Bridesmaid jewellery set by Darling Jewellery

A set of matching earrings, necklace and bracelet will make your bridesmaids look finish off your bridesmaids style. Co-ordinate their jewellery with the colour of their gowns and bouquets, and your overall wedding theme. If you want to be different and your bridesmaids are wearing low-backed dresses, give them a back-drop necklace for all your guests to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ at as your bridesmaids walk up the aisle behind you.

Children’s jewellery

Wedding Jewellery for Children

Jewellery for children, left: Little Gems, right: Confetti shop

You may want to give your little bridesmaids and flower girls something quite different to what you give your adult bridesmaids. A pretty charm bracelet is a lovely idea for a flower girl and a small necklace can be just enough for a little or young teenage bridesmaid.

Gift boxes and jewellery boxes

Jewellery Boxes from the Confetti shop

Personalised jewellery boxes available at the Confetti shop

Present your bridesmaids with pretty gift boxes of colourful co-ordinating jewellery on the morning of your wedding or the night before. For an extra little pressie they can keep, give them a sweet little jewellery box to keep it in.

Personalised gifts

Personalised Gifts at the Confetti shop

Available at the Confetti shop, left: personalised trinket box, right: silver heart necklace in personalised case

For an extra special touch, make it a personalised keepsake with a special message engraved onto it just for them or simply add in a special note to tell them what they mean to you and how happy you are they’re sharing your special day. They’ll love you forever!

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